Emerging technologies Crafting a Robust Future of the Organizations


To begin their journey from a traditional organization to Intelligent Enterprise, now organizations have to be very careful in technological selection for them or for laying the future foundation along with technologies.
As currently following technologies are seen as very powerful and promising such as IOT, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Big data, Robotics. But how they would be able to deliver their promise to business that is all depends upon careful selection and a solid planned roadmap for future.
Just following competitor’s footstep or copying trend based on promising nature of technology business do not get success overnight. The key is to select use cases and then move on to technologies how they can deliver in the business. For e.g. Big Data is a word that is trending for the last 6-7 years but till now if we take SME Channel into consideration then merely 5-10% of the organization has placed only basic infra to cater its need.
Most of the customers are very fond of Cloud but if we drill down to their data size and its requirement then it becomes impossible to get that data on-premise if they exit any service provider’s setup. In the beginning, Cloud was the first choice as scalable solution but now again organizations are moving their mission critical setup to consumption base model- this is due to increased cloud maintenance cost.
When we move to manufacture industry now Smart Manufacturing trend is a word which we hear every day from system integrators but the catch is- do organization really want to be smart as require a courage to get out of not only legacy software’s but from old manufacturing machines also. That requires a huge-capex investment and if we do it half way then your recording, tracking and analyzing data will not lead to any fruitful decision making.
On the other hand, if we have an objective such as machines at shop floor operate autonomously and can communicate directly with manufacturing systems and that should that employs computer control and high levels of adaptability to achieve the goal of Smart Manufacturing.
Definitely, there is a shortage of skilled personnel to control these emerging for e.g. Artificial Intelligence that has become so powerful in some cases that we have to have a Kill Switch to control else it becomes a problem for creator itself.
So business needs to understand their working model and with the help of these technologies, they have to prepare a final wish list for achieving success. It could be used to change customer experience, for predictive maintenance, creating new business model or disrupting the existing ones.
So crises are at the both end that is at Skill and also with the business understanding level the key here is opting by getting engaged for some time during POC and post seeing the applied results to the business.
Those who lack the skill or who think that with smart manufacturing, human jobs will go- yes it would but that would also create a demarcation between ordinary and extra-ordinary work force and that employment will last longer so this change will keep both organization and employees on their toes of achieving success.
Revolutions currently prevailing in the current industry environment
Yes, definitely there are different revolutions we are seeing which are prevailing in the industry and we have examples all around be it a Cab Service, Delivery Service, Grocery Service, Mobile Wallets etc. all of them have created a better market completion and place for their customers and delighted their customers with their service experiences.
This has given a shift from reactionary practices to predictive ones which deal with predicting customer ‘mood, buying the pattern and pursuing them till closer.
This helped the organization to achieve the goal of optimizing concept generation, production, and product transaction and this is a value addition towards addressing a dynamic and global market. It has also given an insight to the manufacturer to create a Safe Work Environment to attract the future workforce.
So future is only promising for those- who are really serious and adopting the path of digitalization but never forgetting the basics of a support system which is very much required. As going digital will rapidly open channels where your customers would find you but same way you have to follow the revolutionary idea to support that customer, when they need you else your complete work would be a failure. As people value most of the brands because they really care about their customers and about innovatively giving new experiences.

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