Choice International Limited: One Stop Solution to All the Financial Needs

Aap Kijiye Kaamyabi Ki Tayari, Baaki Hamari Zimmedari
The success of a business is often defined by the leadership and vision the Managing Director inculcates in his team amalgamated with the operations, its ethics, and values and the firm’s growth with respect to its financials and opportunities. Choice International Limited has been a market stalwart for many years and the company that takes the utmost pride in delivering superior quality financial services to its clients. Under the umbrella of Choice, all financial services are catered to both, B2B and B2C. Their core expertise lies in Investment Banking, Broking & Distribution and Management Consulting. Their vision lies in creating new benchmarks in the financial services industry.
Choice combine superior execution capabilities, meticulous research with a network of global partnerships to help their clients with a variety of financial and strategic transactions. They have a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in a variety of disciplines.
Kamal, Wearing More than One Hat!
Kamal Poddar is currently serving as the Managing Director of Choice International Limited. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He hails from a small village from Rajasthan named Bissau where he had completed his schooling. Post that, Kamal completed his CA studies in Mumbai itself. During his CA studies and practice, as he used to perform accounting and file returns, he realized that only a few understand the art of managing money while others lack it. So, identifying the bottleneck and pursuing his entrepreneurship dream, he put his dream into reality. His dream of becoming best amid the Financial Services industry stands tall today as the Vision for Choice of becoming ‘सर्वश्रेष्ठ’ while creating the Country’s first International-Level Financial Services conglomerate.
Choice’s team is putting their heart and soul into creating that dream into a spell bounding reality. They are currently present across 29 locations including an international presence in 5 countries and their business partners are spread across 150 countries. He plans his day very well by meeting partners and vertical heads at regular intervals to get a gist of what is going on currently and what is the future plan of action.
Apart from the mentioned skills, Kamal has a flair for reading, writing and reciting poems. He also gives the share of time to his family hence maintaining the work – life balance which galvanizes him to perform better.
Treating Each Employee as Future Entrepreneurs
Choice International believes that it’s the PASSION for your work that drives results for you and works wonders. But again that happens when you create an exhaustive environment for your employees that not only creates equal opportunities for them but also shows them a stairway to growth. The focus of the group has always been on improved learning for their employees and helping them with their future studies, managerial skills, and personal development; thus, building on their entrepreneurial skills. The company believes that they’re entrepreneurs first, employees later.
They treat their employees with no less than family members and make them feel like  their own company. And they get rewarded with staffs  hard work, dedication and, pure loyalty. That’s why Choice welcome a word of suggestion/advice even from the employees who are at management trainee level for their projects. That does not only gives them authority but also a sense of belongingness at the workplace. They further facilitate inter-departmental movements too for a growth in an employee’s career. For them, employees are not just assets but they consider them as their human capital, as an asset may get depreciated over a period of time but your human capital will always be a key enabler to your future success.
The sleepless nights and myriad tussles by their human capital  in not one but many projects for the Group have led to a pathway of grandeur. Choice’s workforce have imbibed a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude in themselves that assists in working against the odds and be the best in the business. As the team follows a ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’ approach so as to stay equipped with the all the developments in the era of digitization, their BIG future plans are leveraged by their company member’s ’s commitment truly.
Aim to Surpass the Level of Expectation of Customers
Choice International brand’s tagline is “Aap Kijiye Kamyaabi ki Tayaari, Baaki Humari Zimmedaari” and they abide by every bit of it. The company not only aims at providing best in class services but they act as a PARTNER to their clients in their financial planning, tax consultation, etc. and ensure that they are a major stakeholder of their KSF (Key Success Factor) and a key constituent of their growth story! Their clients across various sectors and domains admire them with testimonials which act as validation to it.
Their brand doesn’t have a clichéd distinctive factor like ‘our prices are lower’ or ‘our services are better’. They believe that the key is to build a relationship with your client that lasts, forever! They ensure that the team head or personnel designated at a higher management level gives his personal attention to each project and get insights on the development of the project from the team at  regular intervals. They also have a feedback mechanism in place, which puts them ahead of the pack since they do what their clients need. This builds a sense of resilience and confidence in the mind of the client that their project is in the right hands. That’s what is their USP and makes them stand apart.
A Different Brand Strategy of Choice International
Kamal’s perspective on brand strategy is slightly different from others. According to him,a  brand does not necessarily mean their logo, tagline or their TV commercial but it means much more than that. It means delivering higher value than the client’s expectation. A satisfied client does not only give you more business but also aids in building your brand for you. Their word of mouth; referral gives a sense of credibility and since the company is in the financial domain, the biggest task they come across is to build trust in the minds of the clients/investor. That’s where your superior service delivery helps because then your client will vouch for your service delivery instead of you and that’s more rational.
Choice International treats each and every client as their business partner. The company understand their requirements, their resource availability and their expectation from them. Then their team brainstorms and analyzes on how to contribute to the clients business and have an optimum utilization of available resources. They’ve round about 250 CA’s, MBA’s, CFP’s etc. who possess professional level expertise backed by sound knowledge of their respective domain. The ONLY brand strategy they fervently follow is that they are actively involved in their business verticals; closely understand their business and their competitors so as to offer them the maximum output from their investments.
Take Every Challenge as Opportunity advices Kamal to Budding Entrepreneurs
Kamal says The only advice I have for budding entrepreneurs is to give your BEST shot at whatever you do!
Your task may be as small as a pea or as giant like an elephant, the best of your efforts will bring out the most plausible outcome. One of the American Authors, Napoleon Hill, has rightly mentioned that “Strength and Growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle” and I couldn’t agree more!
Another piece of advice that I’d like to shell out to the upcoming entrepreneurs is you shouldn’t view your challenges as your hurdles. One must always welcome each challenge with grace. One may stumble upon many blocks and hurdles, but a thing doesn’t end here. Rather, it’s just the beginning. Those roadblocks eventually turn out to be the learning and take away which can be used in every walk of life. The Character isn’t instinctive from an easy life; it is forged through the art of being determined. So, it’s very important that every challenge is taken up as an opportunity instead. An opportunity to prove yourself and show what you’re is capable of.
 Aiming to Expand Choice International in the Financial Domain
Choice International has a lot on their platter. They aim and try to align their focus based on the level of importance of the project. The company is in talks to acquire a Broking firm which has an immense repute in the industry and is three times bigger than Choice International’s broking division in terms of bandwidth and scope of business. The progress on the same is affirmative and as negotiation shows signs of positivity. This is one of the key components of future plan aiming to expand Choice International in the Financial Domain. They are marching the pathway of our honorable prime minister on Digital India and last year their team developed an Online Mutual Funds Platform – Investica and Choice International takes pride to share that they’ve crossed 50,000 downloads recently in just 223 days from operation. They firmly believe in learning, adapting and implementing the latest developments that are drivers for innovation. They are now working on another project that will be a mobile stock market trading application, which they lovingly call, Jiffy! The application will be the fastest and simplest stock market trading application for the user. This is Choice’s baby project and their team is putting everything it takes to make Jiffy a market leader. Also, the new AADHAAR based on boarding system enables them to board new clients with zero paperwork. Around 60% of their new accounts are opened by this platform & they’re aiming to cross this number and reach 90% in the times to come.  The system is empaneled with OTP based authentication from UIDAI and Choice plans to integrate biometric devices with this platform. This will not only ease the process but will also eradicate the requirement of IPV ( In Person Verification). This will enhance the productivity leading to superior performance delivery for the firm.

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