CMS Computers: A Pioneer and Leader in the Indian ICT Industry

IoT, Cloud and big data powered real world applications are driving the information technology market. Critical infrastructure security will take centre stage as the real world and IT world converges through the proliferation of IoT. Unlike IT systems, IoT systems use a wide variety of protocols and standards creating integration challenges.
Established in 1976, as Computer Maintenance and Services Company, CMS Computers is a pioneer and leader in the Indian ICT industry. With more than 4000 employees spread across over 100 locations in India, CMS Computers Limited is budding to every industry through its products, services and offerings.
Over 40 years, CMS has performed a vital role in supporting clients to flourish through many economic cycles by providing expertise and experience in delivering governance services, transportation & traffic solutions, energy management solutions, surveillance and workforce management, broadcasting solutions, as well as software services, aligning technology with client businesses.
CMS Chief Executive
Anil Menon, CEO of CMS Computers Limited, spearheads the overall business and operations and is responsible for the organization’s strategic direction and growth. He brings to the table over two decades of diverse expertise in the IT industry, working with leading technology firms including Sun Microsystems, Citrix and IBM.
Anil holds a B-Tech Engineering Degree in Electronics & Communication and MBA in Marketing in addition to an Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University. He is a recipient of IBM’s prestigious Global Management Excellence Award as well as the Indira National Award for Engineering Excellence.
CMS’s Distinctive Strategies
CMS Computers Limited is aligned with the government’s mission of Digital India, Smart Cities and continues to play a key role in nurturing the use of information technology in Government. They have clearly foreseen a huge synergy between Mobility, Analytics and the Internet of Things. Over decades, the company has worked with devices in the natural world and today with intelligence and mobility they are able to solve real world issues using IT.
As a System and Network Integration Service provider, CMS offers core infrastructure solutions that integrate with various solutions easily. They strongly believe that successful integration is not just about the internetworking of systems, but real-time management of information flows, service readiness, interfaces and security across IT/IoT infrastructure. CMS is closely working with their clients across selected domains to assimilate the latest products and solutions, designing network, system and application architecture to integration, customization, configuration and migration services.
Being a specialist in IT and IoT integration, CMS has deep expertise in communication technologies and protocols to connect IoT devices to the Internet and Cloud. CMS creates enriched value for clients through a combination of domain expertise, technical expertise for specific technology and business sub-systems, as well as integration and operational capabilities for complex multi-dimensional projects.
Empowering Clients with technological advancements
From the time of inception, CMS Computers Limited has a clear vision of where the company is going – leveraging the marvelous power of Information Technology to Simplify Lives rather than just automating client infrastructures.
CMS imagined the world, wherein industrial companies would become service companies; where energy companies leveraged information to manage energy usage; broadcasting companies became commerce players; Government leveraging technology to host transparent governance and urban planners using transportation and surveillance elucidations to make cities smart, secure and livable.
By envisioning technology fruitions and wanting to play a role in outlining where technology is going, CMS established product development centers over 15 years ago. The product and solution roadmaps have a strong thrust on the applicability of the technology. At present, CMS is focused on integrating Analytics, Cloud and Mobile technologies into all their assets and solutions as well as building deep expertise in IoT.
CMS continues to invest in Research & Development out of their Trivandrum center and at the Product Development Center at Mumbai with  focus around Meters, Traffic Controllers, Analytics dashboards, Workforce management products, Biometrics, Traffic solutions like ANPR (Automated number plate reader), Mobile Technologies and Smart City solutions. Their Centre of Excellence in E-Governance, situated out of Bangalore, continues to upkeep government clients and partners in providing IT applications and services right down to the village. Thus, CMS is now well-positioned to benefit clients across both government and private firms to form and implement a digitalization strategy.
The Future Objectives
Technology is changing and equipping the team to be ahead of the curve, which is a continuous challenge. CMS has a positive view of the future, as the economy rebounds, and of the investments in infrastructure projects they pick up.
Over the last few years, CMS’s focus was not to build new products or invent new technologies, but looking at the product, and process innovations to further client experience. Across their businesses, they work with Big Data, Enterprise data, across sectors like Transportation, Energy, Media, and Government which is vastly underutilized. Enterprise and the Government are littered with data silos, limiting the value that organizations can get. Their Big Data play is concentrated on real world value and applicability of technology using machine learning algorithms empowering accurate decision-making across the entire organization.
CMS is building Big Data solutions into each of the industry solutions, as well as in the assets they build. They have functioned with devices in the natural world and today with intelligence and mobility they are able to solve real-world issues. Enterprises and Government can deliver great value without complexity at the front end. Complex intelligent devices at the backend can share information, interact and deliver information with advances in mobility. CMS will continue to capitalize in these areas by crafting analytical applications as well as focus on elevating the client experience.

Source :- The 20 Most Valuable Networking and Security Solution Providers

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