Transit Electronics Limited: A name satisfying your Security, Safety & Networking needs

With the advent of the Digital Age, the analog cameras are seeing a slow death and this has paved the way to High-Definition IP cameras and NVRs that use advanced hard drives designed for professional purpose. These new age digital equipments are widely being accepted all over the world thanks to their ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, scalability, reliability, manageability and of course, enhanced image quality.
Since video management is much more critical and bandwidth oriented than data and voice, experts who could handle the entire IP CCTV conundrums are much more in demand today. One such system integrator is Transit Electronics Limited. Transit has been in the field of Low Voltage Infrastructure Systems and Solutions for the past 24 years. It has successfully fulfilled the demand of this modern technological world along with the domain knowledge of CCTV and Networking for handling techno commercial requirement more efficiently.
Harbouring Technology for a Safe and Secure World
With the main focus on IP CCTV and Command & Control software, Transit has managed more than 1000 IP cameras on a network while simultaneously configuring the same for smooth video and no packet loss as well. Currently, they have showcased their acumen in the following-
IP CCTV and Recording Systems
Networking Wired and Wireless
All IP enabled low voltage solutions
Building Management system
Access control and physical barriers & Parking Management
Fire Alarm and Public Address systems
Conference and Board Room Solutions
Data Center Solutions
Fiber to home
Delivering Service as Anticipated and Nurturing Leaders as Contemplated
Adventurous by nature and highly motivated to lead by example, Dipesh Dasadia, Founder & Director of Transit Electronics Ltd., is credited in turning Transit into one of the most trusted and successful System Integrator in the past two decades and he humbly shares the credit of these grand achievements with Mr. Kalpesh Shah and Mr. Kamlesh Marviya, his partners, friends and Directors.
Being expert technocrats, they have utilized their knowledge in establishing and flourishing Security System business across the country. With the gift to foresee future trends, they have developed strong business strategy, clear vision & mission. Not only to business, but Dipesh is also committed to make our planet a better place by associating himself with PRAYAS, a foundation working for the safety and betterment of birds, animals and environment, all over India.
Making Life Easy, Safe, Secure and Comfortable
Partnered with renowned companies like Bosch, Cisco, Tyco, Dell and many other multinationals, Transit cherish happy relationships with over 4500 satisfied customers, ranging from multinational companies, Government and private sectors.
Transit is also well known for its class competence in networking systems. It has received many accolades for transforming messy working areas into well planned office and speedy and trustworthy handshake of important data through fiber as well as wireless network integration.
With more than 20 years of experience in the designing of security, safety and networking, Transit provides technical consulting services to public and private sector.
Transit is mostly cited by clients for its artistry in designing the most optimum solution as per clients’ need. It has acquired great mastery in completing projects with a budget and within the set time frame. All the installed systems carry twelve month warranty period and a comfortable AMC. Annual Maintenance Contract is a commitment of Transit towards its customers for long lasting relationship. Transit always believes, ‘Service has to be a forethought, not an afterthought.’ Transit is a journey of partnership that began as a private limited and continues to strut forward as a limited company.
Common Vision through Individual Growth
As the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. A System integrator in the field of security and networking is considered to be one of the most challenging aspects and the leaders at Transit know that there is a need to develop multiple expertise and skill sets. At Transit, the core focus is always on training and development of the team. Many programs have been conducted for the employees of Transit to make them familiar with various products and safety equipment. It was due to this continuous dedication that Transit has been awarded with the Loyalty Award and many achievement awards and top sales awards from manufacturers/suppliers.
Each member of Transit Electronics has undergone training as per predefined training hours with topics that range from Technical, soft skills and behavioral (As per need accessed by HR, after regular inspection and feedback). Aided by a strong HR policy, the work culture at Transit has always promoted a creative and employee friendly environment. Transit celebrates festivals and employee’s birthdays with equal pomp. Transit leaves no stone unturned for their annual get together and trips. The three pillars of Transit, Dipesh, Kalpesh and Kamlesh, have taken great strides in making their employees feel as important as possible by personally getting involved in their well-being. It is gestures like these that endow Transit Electronics with employees who are working for 10 to 15 years.
Transit works on the aspects of knowledge gathering mainly product training, designing a system and fault finding. Transit Electronics always incorporates new HR concepts and always upgrades their employees’ skills, so that there is always a win-win situation between the Clients, Company and the colleagues. Their relation with their clients is widely applauded and the commitment they showcase to their suppliers and vendors is considered as a feat of inspiration in the industry.

Source :- The 20 Most Valuable Networking and Security Solution Providers

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