Company’s Employees revolt against Fundraiser.


In the past, a few years employees in the Silicon Valley sector had become more outspoken about a lot of things that seem problematic to them. They had started expressing their opinions about social and political issues and even about their company dealing with certain situations and certain other individuals.

Due to such outrage in employees, Google had banned discussion of political matters in the workplace. It so happens that Oracle’s employees are unhappy with their Chairman and the reason being, his association with Donald Trump. It had been reported that Larry Ellison was set to conduct a fundraiser for Donald Trump for his re-election campaign.

This news of the fundraiser didn’t go down well with the employees. More than 2,300 of them have signed a petition against this fundraiser and believe that Larry’s financial association with this fundraiser would endanger the well-being of women, communities of colour, immigrants, environments, trans and LGBTQ communities, and the workers and disabled people everywhere.

The petition further states that any further association with Trump would damage their company culture and would also hamper their relations with their partners and customers. Oracle has been a great supplier to the US government for many years now, as per a report, the US was the first-ever customer of the software database company many years ago. Oracle has not commented on this petition so far.

Meanwhile, Trump is all set to visit India. Mark Zuckerberg said that Donald Trump was the most followed person on Facebook followed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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