Competing for the Podium Finish at the Emmy’s 2018 – HBO and Netflix

HBO and Netflix were back at it again for the Emmy Awards 2018. On a night full of celebration and grandeur the two entertainment giants found themselves neck to neck in the race to the top.  According to various reports, in what looked like a nail biting finale, the award under the best drama series category was announced for the medieval drama series Game of Thrones. The show has been a frontrunner for close to 3 seasons in 4 years. On the other hand, Netflix won the most awards for The Crown, a show depicting the life of Queen Elizabeth with 5 awards. Also, another change that was witnessed this year was The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, an Amazon Prime Video show winning the third highest awards of the night. This marked the foray of web streaming services winning ahead of other popular TV shows. Apart from the popular ones, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Godless led the way with 12 awards each. For HBO, Godless came a close second with 13 awards
As far as the nominations go, the entertainment industry was in for a surprise when the total numbers of nominations were announced back in July. Netflix was ahead in the race with a 112 nominations for its various shows while HBO came a close second with 108 nominations. While the Emmy’s have always been a significant factor for the television industry, they have become a big source of business for online streaming services.
People nowadays watch the award ceremony not only to see who won, but also to find a new list of shows to watch. This is exactly why the viewership and sales of certain shows demonstrate a significant growth during the Emmy’s. And it has now been observed that online streaming services have been standing out amongst the regular TV shows. Newer concepts, brilliant direction and noteworthy portrayals by the lead actors have given both HBO and Netflix a stronghold in the entertainment world.

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