CoutLoot Starts With a Bang

Facebook provides $44,000 USD through the FbStart program to Indian Fashion Start-Up
The social networking giant, Facebook recently started a program called FbStart for developers across globe to help them grow their startups. In addition to $44,000 credits, Facebook will also provide these startups with valuable tools and services alongside opportunities to work with their teams worldwide. There are a number of events these startups will able to participate ultimately enhancing their capabilities and providing them with enough exposure.
CoutLoot is an end-to-end fashion re-commerce startup who has grabbed this opportunity with both hands. The startup has already managed to create a lot of buzz around itself. The Co-founder, Jasmeet Thind, has recently said, “The Facebook program has been already boosted up our confidence in such an early phase of our dream of CoutLoot. Facebook has always been mentor for us, directly or indirectly. Today there are more thousand opportunities for us. We are sure of creating a major turnaround in India’s re-commerce industry.”
FbStart will able to provide this startup with as many as 25 tools and services. Some of these tools are React Native, FB Login and Account Kit and App Analytics. India has always been the largest market for FbStart program. Today over 75% of android application market of India has been part Facebook. Also India has more than 100 million Facebook user base.
CoutLoot will help user to pick up clothes from their closet and put it on resell. This will help customer adding some extra money in their pocket. As CoutLoot claims, “We are here to manage our customer’s closet.”
We all love to see a new startup in the market, as they come up with lot hope, positivity, dreams and whatnot. Though it is very disappointing to see only a few of them able to make into the big league.

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