Creativity as an Integral Factor for Motivation

Creativity as an Integral Factor for Motivation | Insights Success

A bird is powered by its own life and motivation – DR.A.P.J Abdul Kalam
During childhood people do not usually refer to rules or any conditions to live their lives. It is all based on day to day experiences that they learn about the good and bad. Be it riding a bike or learning to play a particular sport, it was all learnt on the spot. There was a focus on the goal and even though there were challenges, one tried repeatedly until they mastered it. There was also a constant outpour of positive feedback without any judgmental opinions. This way of learning any skill in life was due to the provision of creative freedom as well as internal motivation. Methods like these are always beneficial for students as they don’t restrict them in any manner. The ability to tackle situations in life apart from knowledge also requires creativity. This builds up ample amount of motivation in a person which in turn is essential to lead a meaningful life. Classrooms are places where children are sent to be educated but it needs to be kept in mind that as they grow up, repetitive methods of teaching may result in loss of motivation to learn new things. It’s necessary to implement activities and keep the conversation flowing to keep their motivation at an all-time high.
Modus Operandi of Reigniting Motivation
Motivation is a factor that depends on the individual as well as the reason that one needs it for. As the years progress, students in educational institutes tend to lose out on this element. The constant implementation of various rules and reprimanding upon breaking them makes them get used to situation which are devoid of creativity. Their lifestyle shifts into monotony and they go on with their routines without feeling motivated. But, having a classroom that can break this with some weekly activities and which encourages students to use their minds can prove to be beneficial. When students feel an impetus from within they involve in activities more wholeheartedly rather than feeling like it’s forced upon them.
Having creative classrooms doesn’t mean the physical appearance of them but the activities that allow them to express their ideas freely and provide their own innovative outlook towards the same. The first push they need is from someone who they look upto and admire in terms of qualities. A lot of teachers usually tend to make a mark on the students for either their teaching methods or their general personality. It is important for the teachers maintain a composure that is approachable. Students look up to those individuals as role models, who have a friendly aura and yet also portray determination. Such positive traits help the students maintain their motivation levels and ensure that any task given is completed with efficiency.
The concept of a class representative is one that gives everyone a chance to build their leadership skills. It is also clear that the learning part is done while observing every teacher who comes into the classroom and adapting their way of handling situations. Giving the students some sort of control over their own responsibilities as well as others’ can build up their motivation immensely.
Creativity at the Helm of Motivation
When youngsters usually start getting used to a certain pattern, their interest in the daily activities starts fading and there may also be a noticeable drop in productivity. Hence, the way to ensure constant involvement is to implement a change in routine. Team building exercises are a wonderful way to get everyone involved. Encouraging the students to in debates, group discussions, and quizzes can pique their interests. This can also help them work their minds in a productive manner while igniting creativity. These activities can also help build their knowledge base and hence proving a win-win situation for both the teachers as well as pupils.
Assignments are another factor that may feel cumbersome but by not limiting it to being submitted in just one paper format, it can help the students use their skills more effectively. This fuels their innovational side where they can make presentations, short videos, and speeches to showcase their skills. This way the same assignment due to a varied manner of presentation also becomes interesting to share within the class. Since each one of it is different, there is no judgment implying who’s done better and it reduces the friction among them. It pushes the students to work harder and they are able to do it happily. It may have a positive impact on them hence enhancing motivation. Rewards are another motivational factor that will assure that the students look forward to it and put in all their efforts into providing satisfactory outcomes. This is one method that works like magic and helps the teachers find the necessary participation.
Making students watch TED Talks can also help them find inspiration in the various stories available. Each one of them is different and the students can implement methods to implement in their lives. Finally, apart from their homes, classrooms are the second place where students spend majority of their time. Keeping it simple may again induce a sense of monotony but changing the layout occasionally along with implementation of colors and charts can make it lively.
Motivation maybe a characteristic that everyone has within them, but it always requires fuel to ignite it and creativity is one of it.

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