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Cubes Interior Solutions
Chandrasekhar, Founder, Cubes Interior Solutions

Over the past few years, interior design has become an integral part of our living and workspaces. Every person moving into a new office, home, or business, likes to brighten up the place to give it a certain vibe. With creativity and innovation, interior designers spring life within the four walls. They are the people who make the environment around the place lively according to its purpose.

Everybody has a dream home or office that they want. However, achieving the dream is difficult without the help of designers. Interior designers beautify any random place, and no one would even remember how it used to look before the do-over. Cubes Interior Solutions has been beautifying peoples’ lives since 2008.

Cubes Interior Solutions is a widely recognized firm with expertise in Turnkey Interiors for residential, commercial, office and beauty projects. They execute every design by advancing to new heights and latitude to create magic. Their basic idea is to believe in possibilities and in the execution team. The artistic skills and experience of the team makes it possible to achieve possibilities. They provide turnkey solutions to their customers’ commercial as well as residential projects with the value for money by delivering within timelines. They convert bare shells into a lovely office or home.

Cubes believes in creating a design that encompasses individuality based on whether it represents a Fortune 500 company, a seasoned retiree, a restaurant, etc. It has been over ten years since they were established and they have a track record of working across different sectors and states ranging from big corporate, banks, institutions to various individual clients and their residential homes. The company can be described best in one sentence: Conceptualize, Create, Innovate and Execute.

The Inspiration

In every area of life, inspiration is found in abundance. The creative urge, interaction with people and the motivation to be a part of the evolving world is one source of inspiration for Cubes Interior Solutions. The team says, “The natural world itself is a rich area for inspiration as it has some of the most elegant and vibrant colours. Even a walking trail with the sights around you would inspire you to great interior designs.”

Man Behind the Name

Chandrasekhar founded Cubes Interior Solutions in the year 2008. Since 1997, he has executed projects having 10+ years of experience. He is a self made man being from a humble background he had limited financial resources. He fought all the adversities to achieve this level of success today. He believes in personal rapport with the clients giving them utmost comfort and confidence.

Vision and Mission

Cubes Interior’s vision is to be the best in the class of Interior Design and to provide the best of services to their valued clients. The inspiration to match and live up to their client expectations is what drives the company forward. Their aim is to justify client’s faith in them by providing the necessary backup services with expertise.

The firm believes that every individual deserves the best in accordance with their affordability and they help them achieve it through their creative craftsmanship. The goal is to inspire lives and respond to change every day. They take the responsibility of giving clients more family time rather than planning the home décor.

Design Offerings

The interior design concepts they propose gives clients the complete idea from the origin of the design to the symbiotic relationship between the elements. They combine talent with experience to create spaces that can be cutting edge and exceptional. Interior design is way more than just the knowledge of décor. It is a synergy of the clients’ thoughts and their expertise. They state to the client the intent of design so that the client knows what to expect in the design.

Work Technique

The company believes, involvement from the start to the end of any project is the best work technique. They feel that their work should represent the clients’ individual taste and habits. They conceptualize compelling and distinctive designs which are of quality. They create designs according to the client requirements and taste, so the designs are the best. They execute the projects by helping their clients choose cost-effective, safe, and artistic products. The most important thing that they keep in mind while designing is that they try to keep it as eco-friendly as possible.

Current Scenario

There is a paradigm shift in the way Interior Design is seen today. There are various choices and players in the field that the clients can choose from. With the advanced technology it is now easier to present their views to the clients. However, the fact is that the creative urge of the designer is one factor which still rules the industry.

Construction activities across the world, improvements in the standard of living and rising incomes of the population are factors driving the market. Due to the current slowdown, the interior design industry has also suffered a specific impact, but it is expected to maintain a relatively optimistic growth.

Word of Wisdom

Ultimately the basics are what stand with the company. Whether the technology advances or not, the work needs to go on. Using the basics, one must have the capacity to render the services. Economics is an important part of business but what matters most are the fundamentals. If one cannot give services in a particular domain, they must have the courage to say no to the client. The order might be lost but still, the credibility will always stand,” concludes Mr Chandrasekhar as a message to the young upcoming designers.

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