Cubical Labs: A Transition from Contemporary to Smart Homes

Cubical Labs

Established in 2013, Cubical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is currently the market leader in retrofit segment of home automation in India. As a company, they are putting their best efforts to bring new technologies together to provide convenience in the day to day life.
Cubical was born out of the research endeavours at one of the technological nerve centres of India – IIT,Guwahati. The venture revolves around building wireless,retrofit, cost-effective, safe and smart home solutions, all of which can be controlled remotely through a mobile device. It is one of the company’s primary realizations that home automation systems can be both state-of-the-art and cost-effective. Cubical Labs is making these solutions available to people without burning holes through their pockets.
Cubical is one of the fastest growing IoT company which designs, develops, and manufactures home automation products along with a few peripheral ones for households, offices, hotels etc.Today, Cubical Labs has its presence in 70+ cities with 50+ dealer distributor network across the country,and 50,000+ products, booked already.
The Leading Light of Cubical Labs
Cubical Labs is driven by Dhruv Ratra, CEO and Swati Vyas, COO. While Dhruv is the key figure behind the rapid success of the company; Swati realised the substantial commercial promise of the platform which allowed remote lighting, temperature and device control.
Dhruv is a proud alumnus of IIT Guwahati, having completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications (Major) and  Computer Science (Minor), from the institution. Three years ago, Dhruv brought together the present team of the company in a technology incubator at IIT Guwahati, and hasn’t looked back since then. Dhruv sees the future of his company as one that is tied to the future of internet of things.
On the other hand, Swati has also completed her B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from IIT Guwahati. She started out with building the range of hardware products for Cubical. Currently, she is handling complete Operations, Finance and Hardware R&D at Cubical Labs. She takes great pleasure in dealing with the intriguing practical problems that spawn during the development of consumer electronics that are innovative, work with stability in extreme conditions, and are commercially viable.
The Novel Products Range
With its innovative and state-of-the-art product range, Cubical Laboratories has brought convenience into the life of its customers by providing them with complete control of their homes, at their fingertips. Reduction in electrical consumptions is one of their major ideas, which have been realized. Optimal utilization of the system also increases the life span of the appliances.
The major drivers for Smart Homes are security, convenience and energy efficiency. The awareness of Smart Homes is very high among customers from upper income segment and urban areas. Low entry barriers like open source technologies are encouraging more number of players to look for innovation and to provide better value proposition for their customers.Cubical Labs have come up with a home grown wireless technology, patented dimming methods and acclimatizing of the solutions to the Indian electrical conditions. This has helped it become one of the leaders in the retrofit home automation space.
Patented Dimming technology helps its dimming to be much more stable and immensely cost-effective. Cubical Labs’ proprietary CUBE-R protocol being a scalable RF protocol helps easily connect new devices and allows devices to work on a mesh network. It also enables the system to be functional at low band-width.The products are a retrofit and can be installed quickly behind switchboards, without any rewiring, within 15-30 minutes only. The products are well accustomed to the Indian electrical conditions, and are very reliable home automation systems.
The low pricing of the product without compromise on its quality is what makes them very competitive. Their product costs 1/5th of the traditional home automation system prices. Energy Analytics is another key aspect which saves money, since the products can tell exactly what appliance is consuming how much electricity in real-time making Cubical Smart homes among the most advanced homes out there. They have a quick response service after sales, which are supported directly through cubical and is an intuitive & easy to use interface, which can be controlled by voice, gesture, or app. Cubical Labs envision becoming the one stop shop or single largest platform for all home IoT requirements.
Insights into the Future of the Industry
AI is the next big thing or is the big thing now. Currently, the AI based platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Homes are readily available in the market and customers nowadays are quiet aware of them. Cubical Labs have integrated these platforms with its system to provide its clients with the voice control of their electrical appliances.With huge improvements in telecom sector & deep penetration of smartphones, every home owned by an upper middle/upper class person with a stable internet connection is a potential client.
Cubical Labs are coming up with a wireless security line of products that will be best in class. The Company’s focus is to keep upgrading products to meet the ever-rising customer demands, while making sure to continuously upgrade the existing line of products. To achieve this they leverage software based solutions so the existing users can also benefit.The company is looking at expanding its bouquet of products to offer security, smart sensing technology, data-driven intelligence and a range of third-party devices.
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