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Syslogyx Technologies

Today, most of the organizations are facing a number of challenges like tracking difficulties, manual data entry, unavailability of real-time data and more, which are hampering the overall efficiency of the organizations. These ambiguities are incapacitated by the innovatory IoT technology. Hence, the organizations rely on the IoT solution providers who are believed to be the saviors in handling various issues.
One such trusted name in the field of IoT is Syslogyx Technologies. It is the prominent IoT solution provider company which is engaged in the divisions of Research, Designing, and Manufacturing of seamless embedded systems along with Comprehensive Mobile & Web Application Development. The company holds a vivid goal to provide customized end-to-end Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to its customers.
The Rock Pillar of the Company
Ranjit Singh serves as the MD & CEO of Syslogyx and founded the company in 2002. He is a tech-savvy persona and started his entrepreneur journey with designing and developing embedded systems for the consumer and industrial sector. With a strong determination to develop embedded systems for the military equipment, his team successfully designed and developed an embedded system for an Indigenous ballistic missile. The company’s on-board embedded and development team and a strong belief on IoT’s potential inspired him to dive into the world of IoT and IIoT.
Ranjit is a solid supporter of ‘Make in India’ campaign and follows the IDDM (Indigenously Designed, Developed, & Manufactured) strategy for the advancement of the company. He is a supreme leader who is keen on maintaining high quality in the operations and delivery divisions. Also being a sports fanatic, he co-founded a gaming company ‘Manthan Studio’ which has many successful stories attached to it. Under his effective leadership, the company has surpassed many prosperous years making the company a leading player in the electronic and software sectors.
Offering Outstanding Services under One Roof
Syslogyx is a leading IoT company which serves to a wide range of fields such as Defence, Manufacturing, Mining and many more. It also specializes in developing smart electronics and connected devices and has shown its excellence by delivering military-grade drones to the DRDO under IDDM strategy.
In Software domain, Syslogyx concentrates on offering unique designs and supreme quality solutions using various mobile and web development technologies. With the help of IoT, the company is upgrading to the effective manufacturing productions with its smart factory solutions for the customer’s satisfaction.
The flexible structure of the company offers high quality and cost effective solutions to the customers. It also develops magnificent products for the defence, automobile and mining sectors, which include production of Electronic Fuze, Electronic Detonator Blasting System, and the Drones & Embedded systems.
The Trend-Setter of IIoT
The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is presently in its primary stage and it holds a high potential to change the facets of the manufacturing industry. Due to the rapid technological transformations, Syslogyx had made early investments which made it the harbinger of the IIoT domain. The unique strategy of Syslogyx has increased the client’s operational efficiencies by turning their services into the smart factories. The company provides a complete set of tailored IIoT services with its all in-house expertise in various domains like hardware, cloud, network and protocols, software, and etc.
The Glorious Future of Syslogyx
Syslogyx is looking forward to toil more on Industrial IoT and offer unique solutions for each of its manufacturing clients. The company has recently collaborated with an MNC to help boost country’s defence by developing indigenous products. It is growing stronger by indigenously constructing autonomous, economical, and end-to-end solutions for its diverse clients. The company is also focused on building varied systems and has rolled up its sleeves to set a benchmark for its competitors. The company is developing an ‘IIoT Empowered Smart Factory System’ for the live tracking of the production process and to make real-time data available for management. Moreover, it is implementing an ‘IoT based Smart TBM System’ which will focus on executing the TBM (Time Based Maintenance) activity in an efficient way. It will also monitor every single part of the machine using smart hardware. The ‘Smart JH System’ will conduct daily Jishu Hozen (JZ) activity using PC software & an embedded unit.
Syslogyx is planning to expand its operational offices in Bangalore and Singapore within a short duration of time.
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