Curofy: Doctor’s Appealing Platform

Social media serves to connect people with their loved ones and at the same time keeps them informed as well. However, current social media platforms do not connect specialists professionals such as doctors to exhibit and benefit from their expertise. Imagine the power of social media being harnessed for the greater knowledge and sharing expertise which would help doctors to cater their patients in an innovative and revolutionary way. The makings of such a great social media platform are already here. An overwhelming 92% of doctors believe that social media is a great tool to communicate with friends and colleagues.
Curofy is the largest community of verified doctors in the country. It is trying to build a community of doctors to facilitate seamless communications. This allows them to continue their medical education by collaborating with their peers and keeping themselves updated with the latest and best medical breakthroughs. Curofy aims to solve the healthcare problems by bringing the most important stakeholders of the industry, i.e. the doctors under single roof. On the surface, Curofy is a social network. It is a facebook-esque mobile application with only doctors as the users. It is trying to bridge the gaping doctor-patient ratio by building the community. This is a boon for not only the industry but also patients all around the country.
Provenance of Digital Healthcare Possessors

With the aim to create a huge supply of “digital doctors” co-founders Pawan GuptaNipun Goyal, and Mudit Vijayvergiya come from diverse backgrounds. With an acute fascination towards technology and machines, Pawan did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He worked with Deutsche Bank for 2 years in Mumbai and now leads the Product and Technology teams at Curofy. Nipun Goyal, a B.Tech from IIT Delhi with major in Electrical Engineering and minor in Business Management has worked with Rothschild India where he handled mergers and acquisitions across various business services industries including IT, logistics, transportation etc. He is passionate about making digital health communication easier and likes to interact with various healthcare stakeholders. Mudit, is a dual degree graduate in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi and Axtira Inc on health informatics and analytics for an year before starting Curofy.He has been an ardent speaker at various leading summits. The major ones include VC circle healthcare investment summit-2015, annual conference of family physicians 2015 and Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venerologists and Leprologists 2014. Born and brought up in a family of doctors and an engineer by himself, he could see the inefficiencies that exist in the everyday life of a doctor owing to absence of a simplified technology product which can help them in their professional and academic life.

Coordinating and Connecting Doctors
Curofy is a medical case discussion platform for doctors. It is now the largest social network of over 2,20,000 verified doctors in India. Doctors are discussing patient cases with their peers to provide extremely quick and better diagnosis to their patients. The platform is satisfying the hunger for knowledge and results in better outcomes of the doctors. With doctor to patient ratio being 1:1700 being extremely low in India, Curofy aims to bridge this gap with the help of technology. Curofy envisions that giving doctors a platform to coordinate and collaborate will help solve many cases and save lives thus, making India a safer place to live in.
The platform allows medical suppliers notify relevant doctors about new medical drug samples, device demos, webinars, events, and surveys. The company generates revenue through medical suppliers by connecting content-based leads to target doctors. Curofy has received a pre-Series. A round of funding led by US-based VC firm RoundGlass Partners and other angel investors.
To ensure the platform remains spam free, the team makes sure that only relevant content is pushed to doctors.
Less a social network, and more a learning and collaboration platform, helps physicians to stay ahead by interacting with and learning from experts and peers. With Curofy, doctors can easily find other doctors, call them with a single tap, and connect to collaborate on patient cases.
Widely Accepted Innovations
Curofy has been recognized by Google and is among few chosen startup for their Google Launchpad initiative. With daily interactions between doctors (more than 250,000 cases already), it has prepared disease trends reports, social listening tools, various statistics that can help the industry make a more informed decision. Curofy has won several accolades for innovations including getting international recognition VivaTech Paris (“Next generation learning tools for HCPs”) and Google LaunchPad (San Fransisco), Medtech Investing (London). It has also been featured as one of the top 5 android apps for doctors by TOI.
Working Towards a Bright Future
According to experts, in the healthcare industry, which is projected to reach $280 billion by 2020, the scope of digital marketing is increasing enormously. Amidst such projections, doctor-centric healthcare platforms are also riding the changing trends in India. According to the platform, it aims to keep improving its core offering for doctors and help them in all aspects of their practice, including knowledge, reputation, finance, and resources. Curofy plans to conquer the Indian market first before going on to other markets. It has already started running pilots in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Nigeria. It plans to have 1 million doctors on the app in the next two years.

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