Navia Life Care: Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Build Customized Solutions for Patient Engagement

Currently, the healthcare sector is in a very good space in terms of development, specifically looking at digitization and adoption of technology by patients and providers alike. In today’s world of growing and ageing population, information and communication technologies plays a crucial role in the provision and delivery of healthcare. In terms of patient care, e-health technologies enable remote patient monitoring, better dissemination of information to patients, improved access to health advice, access to remote consultation and telemedicine and quicker access to emergency services. Healthcare providers are eager to try out innovative tech-based solutions to engage with their patients, but at the same time there is a pressure of pricing, competition and differentiation. There are several reports that showcase the growth of the Indian healthcare market in the coming years, and technology will be a key component in realizing this potential.
E-health technologies also help to deliver better training for healthcare workers, thus improving disease surveillance, data collection and the management of patient records, thereby increasing transparency and accountability. Leveraging these technological advancements, Navia Life Care, a health technology company, is building customized solutions for patient engagement.
Navia Life Care works with medical providers, including, but not limited to doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical centers, and even pharmaceutical companies. Their focus is on developing innovative solutions that directly impact patient health outcomes through the areas of patient compliance, monitoring, communication, and engagement.
Its solution suite consists of clinic management systems, patient engagement platforms, and provider- and patient-facing mobile applications, all targeted to improve the relationship between patient and provider.
The Pillars of Navia Life Care
Kunal Kishore Dhawan, Gaurav Gupta and Shourjo Banerjee are the Founders of Navia Life Care. Together they initiated the company with an aim to improve the lives of people through innovative products and services.
Kunal holds a Graduation and Post-Graduation in the fields of Life Sciences and Business Management from University of Delhi and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively. He has worked in the healthcare and life sciences industry for the last 8 years.
Gaurav is a MBA from Indian School of Business and a Biotech Engineer from NSIT, Delhi. He has an extensive experience in running clean-tech, chemical and social impact businesses, and specializes in Strategy, Business Development and Marketing.
Shourjo is a Computer Science Engineer from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, after which he gained experience in Software engineering at Freescale Semiconductors. He is passionate about technology and even has a patent on network architecture to his name.
Collectively they intend to provide simple tools enabling better management of a person’s health in the most convenient way.
A Rousing Expedition
The biggest challenge that any startup faces is to generate revenue, i.e. the ability to attract paying customers. As a new company, credibility is often lacking, so most companies resort to giving their service or product for free, which anchors the customer further,” shares Kunal.
Additionally, finding and retaining good talent was also a huge challenge Navia Life Care faced. Fortunately, most of their core team was stuck with them for over a year, and helped them build the complete product, but attracting them to the company and further incentivizing them to stay, was a mammoth task. Every startup, if done properly, struggles with finances. And as a Founder, Kunal had to put in his personal savings and run the business until an external financer pitched in.
While working with medical providers, Navia Life Care understood the key problems faced by them in their functioning, and attempted to solve them using technology. Their key focus areas are improvement in health outcomes, increasing patient compliance, enable monitoring, and management of patient health records amongst others. By implementing their solutions, medical providers can gain patient loyalty, improve brand recognition, enhance quality of care and all in all, add to their revenues.
Entrepreneurship is a hard journey, sometimes lonely, and full of ups and downs,” says Kunal. Thus, he advises the aspiring entrepreneurs to be prepared for such circumstances. If they are in it for the labels or think of it as a “get-rich-quick” scheme, then they are in for a rude shock. Grit, perseverance, and determination, along with the willingness to accept mistakes and be adaptable are the key lessons to be learnt.
Distinctive Offerings
Navia Life Care prides itself for working towards solving the problems that are faced by patients and providers alike, through innovative use of technology. They have a product suite, with different offerings for different kinds of clients.
For doctors and clinics, they have two offerings; Navia Ace and Navia Ace Plus. Navia Ace is an end-to-end clinic management and patient engagement software that connects to a patient-facing mobile application. Some of the key USPs of this includes a fully-integrated web-based CMS, a timeline feature that helps doctors to visualize and gauge the patient’s progress, linkage to patient compliance trends, analytics and much more. More importantly, it is the most affordable CMS currently in the market. In Navia Ace Plus, providers also receive a white-labeled app for their practice which they can give to their patients and have a direct touch point with them at all times. Their offering for hospitals is Navia Pro, a highly customizable and flexible patient engagement platform, which is white-labeled, and tailor-made to fit the needs of the provider.
Upcoming Ventures
Navia Life Care is continuously working on improving their offerings for both patients and providers. Some of their interesting upcoming projects include specialty-driven product platforms, A.I. powered analytics and recommendation engine for doctors and hospitals, smart prescriptions and much more.

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