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With the increasing number of attack vectors on the rise in the industry, Cyber Security has undoubtedly assumed prominent importance in the corporate scenario of today’s world. Security breaches have become a common problem for organizations globally. Due to these, the losses are severe and huge; hence, organizations are becoming more and more aware and taking all the possible measures to curb these issues. The attacks such as the recent ransomware attacks – petya and wannacry are a testimony to the fact of rising cyber security issues globally. Lack of awareness is the cause of these attacks and this is the reason why organizations need to make their employees more and more aware. Most of the medium to large level organizations have started following the global norms of IT Infrastructure like ISO 27001, HIPPA for the health care industry, SOX, NIST which are all globally acclaimed bodies to issue strict guidelines for IT infrastructure from implementation to security perspective.
Cybervault has noticed that the awareness of IT Security is relatively low in the key sectors like Manufacturing, Industrial Designing, Financial Consultancy firm and other mid-level commercial organizations. This leads to the loss of valuable time, money and ultimately reputation of the organization. Cybervault provides consultation to these companies thereby creating the awareness for a cyber-secure operation. Further it also performs the necessary audits required for ISO IT Infrastructure compliances like Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing, Web Applications Testing, Wi-Fi Assessment, Network Audit for identifying the IT Security Vulnerabilities and patching them. All this ensures the smooth and hassle free functioning of critical IT Infrastructure. The strategic partners and expert consultants with a diverse industry experience ensure the thorough evaluation and analysis of the network & infrastructure during the audits.
An Ardent Leader and a Creative Thinker
Anil Raj, a tech savvy person, is the Founder and Director of Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  He has worked with Top level MNC’s as a Sr. Security Consultant for many years before venturing out in the formation of his own company. Powered by Intellect and backed by passion for technology, Cybervault came into existence in 2013 to provide quality service to the IT Industry through continuous innovations and implementing reliable processes.
Mr. Anil Raj has a diverse professional background that includes network and web application Security, Penetration testing, Cyber Forensics, Trainings and regulatory compliance methodologies. He is imminently qualified in his field. Having graduated as a B-Tech (Comp), Anil Raj further holds a string of professional qualifications in networking domain like MCSE, CCNA, Network+ and IT Security. Raj also holds an advanced diploma in Information Security. He is an globally certified ‘Certified Ethical Hacker’ and Licensed Penetration Tester.
Awards, Achievements and Recognitions
The extra ordinary director, Anil Raj is the recipient of two awards in the field of Information Security, one from The Indian Organization for Commerce and Industry Award for an outstanding achievement in the field of Information Technology and the other award from The Global Achievers Foundation Award, for being amongst the talented personalities of India for outstanding achievement in the field of Information Technology.
He has also been featured on Radio City 91.1 for tips on Cyber Security in day to day life. He is an active member of various talk-shows and events regarding underground hacking groups & communities worldwide.
He also holds Asia Pacific Gold Star Award for his outstanding achievement and remarkable role in the field of IT.
Emergence of the Organization with Cyber Security Services
Cybervault was founded as a core IT Security Service Company and the main idea behind starting the company was to bridge the gap between the industry and its requirements and provide smart technological solutions. Cybervault started promoting the company by contacting various companies and agencies for promoting their services. Various seminars, workshops and summits were conducted to network with the Cyber Security industry professionals. The seminar mostly emphasized cyber security trends, technologies and services offered by Cybervault.
To diversify its operations, it also started a separate division of Trainings by being an Accredited Training partner to EC-Council USA which has global presence in 142 countries. Cybervault was always focused and consistent on delivering outstanding quality. In 2017 the company moved to a bigger premise. The client base kept on increasing right from IT companies to manufacturing companies, designing companies to production companies, financial companies to co-operative banks. By 2017, Cybervault had a diverse type of client base with an increased client base in PAN India locations. The core competence was always on delivering the best service. Highlighting the key security issues and securing the clients data or applications thereby saving their money and reputation led to the success of Cybervault.
“The level of customized service and the attention which we give to the need of each & every client and their requirement is what makes us unique” says the Director, Anil Raj.
Building a Camaraderie with the Client
Cybervault has always believed in giving the best to its clients. To build a strong relationship with the clients, the organization maintains its transparency in its work and that has recurrently brought the customers along with the addition of new customers. The desire for excellence comes from the fact that Cybervault express their opinions with openness and honesty in regards to the best interests of the project. This helps them to win the client’s trust and rely upon the organization and their reports & recommendations. Cybervault maintains a positive attitude with the customers by keeping them in loop over the process and by explaining it to them. Timely and efficient communication with the clients coupled with a prompt service and well managed co-ordination lead to a healthy long lasting business relation, and that’s the trick Cybervault applies in its business.
The clients have been an integral asset of the company and Cybervault nourishes them, nurtures them and grows them thereby growing along with them. The organization has many success stories to share with, notably of the clients for whom the company went that extra mile in spite of the client getting the work done from other vendor is a remarkable story to share.
Imparting Security Awareness
Cybervault conducts awareness seminars in the companies about lacking IT Security Awareness which imparts the day-to-day working level guidelines to the employees. In the era of increasing cyber threats and attacks like ransomware and phishing, it has become extremely critical to impart necessary knowledge to the employee. This small contribution is leading to a bigger savings in the long term. The globally compliant IT Security Audits exposes the threats to the network and applications of the companies and makes them aware of the security scenario thereby recommending suitable action.
Benefiting the Clients with Obtainable Services
Cybervault has always delivered the best quality and skilled staff to its esteemed customers. The organization has always given emphasis on the quality of deliverables and never done business on the basis of low pricing. This has translated to the growth in client list year after year – be it in terms of new clients or the existing clients coming back to them.  The team of expert professionals from all walks of IT security brings along with them a wide scale of experience and expertise. All this coupled under one roof gives the customer the best of everything without the need of going anywhere else. The customer can simply offload their complete IT security requirement to the Cybervault. Cybervault has always worked on customer feedback and prompt technical assistance. These two critical factors have helped reinvent the relation between client and vendor every time with a renewed sense of work enthusiasm and commitment. Cybervault also provides customized and personalized service which suits the customer requirement perfectly in harmony to his needs.
Envisioning the Future
Cybervault has always believed in offering ‘Quality’ to its customers. This quality has been followed in the quality of its services, quality of the deliverables, professionalism of its staff and numerous other factors. Cybervault has grown exponentially every year. All this is because of the faith of its clients and the service along with competitive pricing. On a technical front, the vision of the organization is to get more accreditations from global security organizations and government organizations in order to serve the vast IT Fraternity.

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