Tesseract Global: A Trailblazer of Cyber Security Vertical

Tesseract Global

Even with growing investment, sophisticated & advance threats still manage to bypass existing security solutions. Attackers resides within a network an average of 6 months before they are even detected. Organizations are deploying most advance security systems to defend their most critical assets from cyber criminals and skilled adversaries.
Tesseract Global is an innovative cyber security provider, delivering defensive & offensive security capabilities to security team of financial institutions and critical infrastructure with highly curated programs to be a step ahead of emerging threats.
Mumbai headquartered Tesseract Global provides third-party security assessment and training offerings from leading industry experts having complete grip over emerging cyber threats to improve enterprise security posture.
A Creative and a Keynote Speaker Leading the Organization
Rajneesh Gupta is a Security innovator, an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker & CEO of Tesseract Global. He believes in staying a step ahead of adversaries with emerging technologies. He is also a Chief Security Advisor to Probenet Solutions based in Texas. Prior to his role as CEO of Tesseract Global, Rajneesh was the senior security consultant at HP, responsible to deliver managed security services to premium accounts. Rajneesh has accomplished degree in Electronics and telecommunication from Mumbai University and also completed international business management program from London School of Business & Finance.
Rajneesh’s role is to innovate and develop a Security framework & working on future security roadmap. This helps to create value to customers, deliver with in-depth focus on excellence, by a team of highly passionate security practitioners and data scientists. Rajneesh is a recognized expert in the field of e-governance, IoT Security, Blockchain, Threat Intelligence and Risk Management with his appearances in various renowned media publications including DNA, CIO Review, International Achievers Conference etc. Rajneesh is a passionate traveler & dedicated devotee of nature.
How Tesseract Global help

  • Program Development

Regardless of whether you are building ability or developing your group’s current capacities, Tesseract Global give a proficient, yet extensive way to deal with specialized security evaluation program advancement. Tesseract Global staff brings knowledge from finance, human services, and the insight group programs. Utilizing lessons learned over these different groups, they will tailor their way to deal with client program standup or development needs. Save months of trial and error by streamlining clients approach to building a sophisticated internal assessment capability.

  • Independent Assessments

Tesseract Global provide an outsider enemy centered viewpoint into client’s venture surroundings. Utilizing knowledge worked from years of experience and appraisals of several client situations, their administrators utilize Tesseract Global’s comprehension of bleeding edge Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to evaluate and enhance security act.

  • Threat Modelling

At Tesseract Global, we never prefer to jump into fixing up the vulnerability until we are not sure about organization defence weapons deeply. It is important to under when it comes to security its nothing fits to all and hence, every new task involve knowing existing IT infrastructure including workstation, mobile devices, website, API etc. The teams focus on fixing the most important problems and understand the potential attack scenarios for the network. Our specialized security team also first identify forgotten over overlooked areas and improve focus by using realistic threats.

  • Training Offerings

Blue Team regularly battle to keep pace with innovation changes and enemies’ assurance to sidestep the most recent controls. Tesseract Global is focused on keeping current in the enemy’s Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), and cantering how to both mimic and distinguish their exercises. They share operational information and lessons learned in the field with client group to sharpen their ranges of abilities, their effectiveness, and at last better secure client business.
Pen testing Services

  • With the insight technical review of your IT environment, our experts penetration testers take on the role of a hacker and deploy aggressive and up to dates testing procedures. As deliverables, organization receives a straightforward report of the vulnerabilities, exposures, risk and recommendations; so that the problem can be fixed before a real attacker can exploit your weaknesses and steal sensitive data.
  • Network Layer Testing includes network scanning, system fingerprinting, service probing, known exploit checks, port scanning, manual and automated vulnerability verification, IDS and IPS checks and many more.
  • Application Layer Testing involves Injections (SQL, OS, LDAP), Cross site scripting (XSS), Broken authentication and session management, Cross site request forgery and many more

Uniqueness of Tesseract Global 

  • Industry Experts

The Tesseract Global team consists of experienced experts, who bring years of breach assessment (hunt) and red team experience in finance, IT, Government, Human Services industries.

  • Transparency

They make sure that their customers understand the fundamentals of the services which they provide, so you can fortify client’s security pose. In addition, they share their knowledge through training and presentations to benefit their customer.

  • Technology

Tesseract Global use their proprietary tools to access infrastructure assets with best in bread platform to demonstrate and validate the efficiency with its client.
Awards, Achievements, Recognitions
Rajneesh has been recognized as 2017 CIO Review Top 20 Cyber Security Executives, 2017 International achievers in Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence. Tesseract Global has been awarded with Top 30 Most promising enterprise security award in the year 2017. It has also been bestowed as Winner of International achievers in cyber security and cyber intelligence in the year 2017, Bangkok by IAC and Member of National Cyber Security Alliance, United States.

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