DATA XGen Introduced free linguistic email address service

DATA XGen Technologies, an IT service provider, launched a linguistic email address application ‘DATAMAIL’. The company claims that, it is to be world’s first free linguistic email address service. ‘DATAMAIL’ facilitate to create email address in 8 Indian languages, English and 3 foreign languages.
The company will be offering email service in 22 languages which would be free to download from Android or iOS. The company said that India ranks 139th in case of its internet penetration while it stands as one of the countries having largest language diversity in the world.
Ajay Data, the Founder and CEO of Data XGen Technologies said, “Indian languages account for less than 0.1% content on World Wide Web (www.). Also over 89% population is a non –English speaking population which is unable to read and communicate via email as the language utilized to communicate is English on the World Wide Web.”
“In order to contribute towards the Digital India Mission and Make in India Mission, we at Data XGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd., launched the first free ‘Indic’ email service under the name ‘DATAMAIL’. The linguistic email service will facilitate people from across India to communicate in 8 regional and one English languages, via providing easy communication and bridging the digital divide amongst Indian citizens,” he further added.
DATAMAIL is also launching more regional and international languages for the Middle-east, China and Russia using Arabic, Chinese and Russian as their base languages for E-mail.

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