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Today, interactive games are developed not just for entertainment purposes but also for customer engagement. They have become a perfect marketing tool to attract and engage customers, help them understand the products and services and even gather feedback.

Based out of Jaipur, Decipher Zone Softwares, has been catering to customer requirements with a focus on following lean principles to develop the best-fit game or application. The company’s core strength lies in extracting maximum performance out of the mobile and web applications with good coding and DevOps practices. It focuses on features that user wants and smooth gameplay to develop popular games that can breed significant growth. The company’s long-term vision is to develop a game on mixed reality platform.

Through a series of questions and answers CEO & Founder,  Lalit Sharma shares what went into building the company and how he envisions on driving it towards ceaseless excellence.

What are the prominent services, products or solutions that your company offers?

Our company is a service-based enterprise software development company with a wide range of newfangled tech stack. We offer data analytics, DevOps, games, mobile and web application development services. We have a wide range of customers from the gaming industry who are moreover interested in increasing customer engagement, gathering feedback about products and affiliated marketing with games.

What is your opinion on the current scenario of the gaming market?

As we know performance milestones are achieved in the software development industry at a much faster pace than the electronics industry hence, we reach a threshold at a time in every use case. The hyper-growth in high-end graphics-intensive games has reached their threshold to be deployed as a native application on an end user’s device because the handheld devices that are currently available in the market cannot support the games that we are capable to produce today.

In my opinion, Google Stadia platform has paved the path for the gaming industry to run these games on cloud servers and access them via web browsers. Although we need to adapt this path for that we will have to start developing games with a different architectural style where getting real-time responses from data centres to a user is an extremely challenging task. I believe the cloud server service providers will soon elevate our capabilities to easily produce such graphic intensive games on the web platform.

How do you strategize on sustaining your company’s competency in the cut-throat Gaming industry?

To sustain in this highly competitive gaming industry we focus on two key areas. For deciding which features to develop we heavily rely on game’s historical data analysis and product research with small experiments. The second thing is we focus on smoothest possible gameplay which maintains a high level of user engagement. As we all know not all graphic intensive games are successful but the number of successful games with great gameplay is significantly higher.

We pursue agile software development process with lean principles in developing our projects. Agile software development process allows us to make the changes in a product at any stage whereas in lean principles we release the product into the market as soon as possible with which we heavily rely on feedback from the market to improve our product. In lean principles, we build the products in small increments and test them with a small group of customers if they dislike it, we improve the product increment according to their feedback and retest it.

Once this test is passed, we release it to the market and start gathering feedback which lays a foundation for making the improvements according to customers’ preferences. These continuous improvements help us to carve out the niche with products and make them a much better market fit than our peers.

One more key point that needs to be highlighted for lean principles is that it helps companies to establish a bidirectional stream of earning from product and expenses on improving the product. This stream pushes the financial feasibility of improvements in the product beyond peoples’ imagination.

Where do you envision your organization to be in the long run and what are your future goals?

We envision our organization to be a pioneer in mixed reality platform development. Our future vision is to develop games on mixed reality platform that are graphic intensive but they also focus on high user engagement level. These games should not only entertain players but these should also generate data that could passively derive value for businesses so that we can offer the best quality games at the cheapest possible or maybe free of cost.

About the Leader

Mr Lalit Sharma, Founder and CEO, has been the forefront runner who has led the baton of vision and mission for the company. The aspiration to work on all key areas simultaneously to create a working model but prioritizing only one for scaling up to the next level has worked for every game and project we have developed. He was very fortunate to work on one of the web gaming platforms much before the launch of Google Stadia. The work on dynamically configuring virtual machines and firewalls to establish the connection between players by maintaining minimum latency to get real-time responses is one of the little contributions that he made to the industry.

Words of Trust

Decipher Zone did a great job with my project. They are very easy to work with and responded well to challenging development and deployment issues. Especially it was a pleasure to work with Lalit as he carefully studied our product and provided excellent service to our company with close attention to detail. Lalit was always available, easy to communicate with and work was always delivered on time.

-Joe Black

Catch the Hacker

Decipher Zone has been a great development partner for us, their high-quality coding and DevOps practices for scaling architecture is what every tech organization seeks. I witnessed their zeal to support customers at its par when they helped us on weekends in the festive season when no one was available in offices. All I can say they stood beside us in sorrow and rejoice.

-Chris Violas


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