CipherFolks: Crafting Innovative Technology Solutions for Business Excellence


If you pause for a moment and think about it, the world is living a plan B right now. Of course, it isn’t the way we would have envisioned ourselves, but then, we have shifted gears, found new courses of actions and are trying to make the best out of it. It is also evident that this new plan is centred around technology, the internet and digital platforms.
For the last two decades, digital evangelists have been voicing their thoughts on why digital transformation is necessary and that it needs to be the first thing on every Government’s as well as Business’s minds. The current year has just reinforced their thoughts, albeit suddenly. The current pandemic has nudged every business, however traditional, to opt for digital mediums to survive.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a lay-off to every industry, but there can be an opportunistic view of perceiving the whole situation. Also, the pandemic has compelled everyone to be compatible with all kinds of situations and move towards an advanced technological solution. This is exactly what some passionate people at Cipherfolks IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd are doing – delivering successful clients and business solutions.

Decoding the Company

Cipherfolks is one of the leading IT software solution providers in Visakhapatnam who can cater to all information technology needs of a business. It’s services range from website/mobile application development, IT consulting, Android/IOS development to offering complex cybersecurity solutions.
Irrespective of whether a business is looking for expansion, striving for better online presence or simply reach its customers through a click, Cipherfolks provides the best available solutions. The team promises to take care of all the information technology needs so that the clients can focus on their business.

Capable Solutions

Cipherfolks has become a leader in the field of digital development where its products are accessible to distinct patrons. It helps clients to promote and publicize products and probably this is one of the best platforms for clients to reach out and connect to the digital world. Since its establishment, Ciphefolks has been lenient towards creating solutions that are innovative, less complex and solve the regular problems for the clients.
Keeping it economical has also played a major role in staying ahead of its competitors. Apart from interactive gaming solutions, the company offers Web development, Mobile app development, IoT solutions and more.
Cipherfolks’ latest offering, it’s portal known as Xuntox, is an industry-standard corporate inter-operable solution. It enables companies of various domains to interact with each other in real-time and help create sustainable resource-project balance mechanism.

Amid the pandemic, Xuntox has developed solutions that assist the doctors and their patients to be in contact on a digital platform. It has also developed a directory which consists of the entire list of doctors as per the location and speciality. It is also trying R&D into creating more solutions to fight the problems of the industry.

Xuntox- Simplifying HR Practices

Specifically designed for the HR industry, Xuntox HRMS can collate the employee data and collaborate with companies to create a collective fool-proof Human Resource database. Through Xuntox HRMS, HR personnel can view and manage Internal Affairs like employees and their tasks, External Affairs like company PR, Outsource matters like contract hiring and Job Portal for a perfect match between resources and work. The HRMS also enables them to verify employee background, outsourcing, hiring and more. It simplifies the task of documentation verification, tracking absconding employee’s details and matters like data-breach and resource damage to the company.

It also has an HRIS dashboard that is accessible for the employees. Through this dashboard, which acts as a front-end tool for employees, they can reach out to the HR. This helps mitigate the communication gap by providing important information and functions at the employee’s disposal.

Leading with a Vision

Cipherfolks is headed by Yishaan Varma Aarveti, a passionate technocrat. As the CEO, Yishaan believes in creating the easiest solutions to the most deepened problems in the economy. The most challenging part of his role, he says, is taking a step back, letting go of every detail and empowering people with responsibilities. The best part is that he can see his company evolve to the best level.
For this evolution, Yishan feels that the company should develop and promote a culture based on understanding, communication and optimism that has to be lived out by the leader and employees at every level.
He adds, “It is very important to understand the job role and its commitments. Envision the ideal candidate and while interviewing, understand the real person and their traits. The traits can help choose the right person for an important position.”

Choosing the Right People

People, for Cipherfolks, are the company’s most valuable asset. Hiring optimistic persons that can share the vision of the company are the ones that make chances of being a part of the company. The company also makes sure that candidates understand the job responsibilities thoroughly and are passionate about it, especially technology.
At Cipherfolks, Corporate culture is a means to keep the workforce together. Good corporate culture means good ethics and good company. For any person in the position maintaining the integrity of the company should be a very important responsibility. Every communication with employees is done on an empathetic tone. Every important issue with employees – Attendance, Morale, Productivity and Performance is linked to effective communication.

Envisioning a Bright Future

For an organization to succeed, there are three most important things: Team, Vision and Culture. The vision of a leader must effectively and passionately communicate and motivate others to be a part of the dream.
For Cipherfolks, the vision is to serve the world with the best possible technical services and also to provide the best software products as well as applications in the coming years. The company is busy creating effective global marketing strategies to grow at a steady and responsible pace while competing with the public and private sectors.

Cipherfolks believes in creating innovative product solutions to the pre-existing problems in the Industry and for the business community. “We have 3 product solutions currently to our name, and hopefully by the next few years, we will be building more creative solutions for the Clientele. We aim to serve International Markets by 2020,” concludes Yihaan.


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