Deesha Impex: Manufacturing and Exporting High-Quality Precision Equipment

Deesha Impex
Khagen Mehta | Founder, Partner | Deesha Impex

A developing economy like India often produces a lot of opportunities to those who are willing to go the extra mile and make a difference. Another encouraging factor is that people are looking for indigenous products which are making the manufacturing industry look very hopeful. Sensing the opportunity in the early 2005, Khagen Mehta, a first-generation entrepreneur with a strong background in merchandise export especially in the plastics industry, established Deesha Impex. His vision was to create an organization that helped the plastics industry across the globe by delivering consistent quality products. Deesha Impex, now, is a reliable manufacturer and exporter offering engineering precision and quality in performance, and a professional commitment towards buyers anywhere in the world.
Acknowledging Entrepreneurial Dreams
As the Partner of Deesha Impex, Khagen makes sure that the machinery his company manufactures is of world-class quality. He believes that the dreams of a satisfied clientele must become his own— so that, they come alive to reality. Having expanded his reach over frontiers, Khagen’s fifteen years of experience in exporting machinery of technical precision and excellence has made the world smaller, forging strong links, and building confidence anew in the minds of sceptics.
More About the Company
Deesha has been redefining quality through innovation and customization. The genesis of its precision lies in its team of world-class connected professionals with more than 1200 man-years of engineering expertise to customize precision. Headquartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it boasts of a state-of-the-art sales and service network across the globe.
Its R&D team constantly monitors the trends in the industry and in tandem with the manufacturing team, innovates the pioneering technologies intending to generate a high degree of customer satisfaction. These innovations have, today, produced a range of high-quality precision testing equipment and created a range that caters to any testing machinery needs of the plastic industries of any size. Khagen adds, “We believe that technology should be right-sized with the process designed to minimize waste and customized to enhance performance with an embedded ‘Customer First Approach’. Our homegrown TQM Technique ensures the right quality at the appropriate cost in every product.”

Precise Products
Deesha started with Laboratory Equipments in 2005, and now it has started production of Plastic Extrusion, Injection Moulding and Plastic Testing Equipment too. It assures expert inspection of every export consignment so that the machinery and equipment meet all the criteria specified by the clients. Each machine in every category and every configuration is manufactured to fulfil the technical criteria in customer specifications. Engineering, Precision and Excellence are the founding values and the USP of Deesha. It believes in using technology for continual improvement in quality and software for ensuring precision and improving the quality of the end product. Its global network of sales and service functions with glocal attitude to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction.
A Growing Sector
While the opportunities are opening up, the challenges persist in the sector. Being an MSME, the biggest challenge Deesha faces is that of finance. This is especially more pronounced since the founder is a first-generation entrepreneur making generating continuous finance an arduous task. Being in the global markets, the other challenge is the volatility in the currency markets. The competition for foreign products in the market also proves to be a challenge. Initiatives like Make in India have helped raise the profile of India as a manufacturing nation, but at the ground level, a lot of work till need to be done to improve the ease of doing business and for reducing the burden of needless compliance especially in the MSME sector.
The Journey Continues
Khagen has gone through the struggle and pains of being an entrepreneur before emerging as a winner with Deesha. This gives him a unique position wherein he can easily identify with the young entrepreneurs in the sector. So his advice to the budding entrepreneurs is: “Be patient, be persistent, always focus on quality, cost and speed so that the highest degree of customer satisfaction is achieved. Never take short cuts.”
As for Deesha’s future, the company is reaching out to potential customers relying on extensive marketing of its products through Exhibitions. Khagen adds, “We are having exports in about 35 countries. The company is trying to expand in Extrusion, Injection Moulding machine with extensive marketing in various countries with the help of Good staff.”

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