Kirby Building Systems, India: The Prime Indigenous PEB Enablers

Kirby Building Systems
D. Raju | Managing Director | Kirby Building Systems and Structures India

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) industry has grown leaps & bounds over the last two decades but it is yet to achieve its true potential which is still far. But, its completely achievable as the industry consisting of top 4-6 organized players are maturing to take it to the next level of growth trajectory. The industry is overcoming many challenges by continuous knowledge sharing across seminars, conferences, industry forums, colleges, education curriculum, etc. to the target audience thereby increasing the popularity. During the early 2000s, warehouses were the initial driver for PEB but over the last two decades, PEB has ventured into many other applications for different industry segments.
Kirby Building Systems and Structures India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the world’s largest producers of quality steel buildings and has been operational since 1976. The company pioneered the Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) concept in India in the year 1999 and has been the market leader in the Indian PEB industry. The company is into Design, Fabrication, Supply, and Construction of Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings or Steel Structures and has been evolving over more than twenty years and continuing to do so. All the buildings are made as per the customer specifications. The components are also designed, detailed, numbered and fabricated in its plants, before being sent to the job site with a construction drawing. There is no on-site fabrication as the material is assembled at site using bolts and nuts with a crane to install.
Building It Up
The company is currently operating with two facilities located at Hyderabad and Haridwar with a total installed capacity of 200,000 MT per annum and over 20 sales offices across India facilitating the benefit of distance to its customers. In addition, Kirby India also has fabrication line for Structural Steel and Storage Solutions each respectively at its Hyderabad facility. It has also created many benchmarks for the industry in the earlier years and has established a standard set of practices to be followed for any type of steel building. All of this was set up right from pre-sales, engineering, fabrication, supply, installation and after-sales service.
Kirby India is specialized in completing many large and complex projects across diverse applications such as Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, High Rise Buildings – Commercial and Residential. The list also includes Shipyards, Metro Stations, Aircraft Hangars, Sports Stadiums, Showrooms, Workshops, Auditorium, Power Plants, Steel Plants, and Heavy Industrial Structures, etc. spread over different industries. The company is way ahead with immense experience of completing more than 20,000 buildings for a wide range of applications catering to almost all the industry segments & sub-segments over the last couple of years. Its existence in India has made Kirby and PEB synonymous in nature in the country.
Building Through Blocks
Kirby India being the torchbearer has led the industry into many unknown territories that were never thought of thereby creating newer application areas for various types of structures that are highly customized and unique in nature. The company is leading the path through its new and innovative designs, systems & processes and construction techniques. This has helped the industry to overcome all the limitations capable in handling any complex project across different industry segments. Kirby with its rich experience and continuous learning at each and every stage of project execution over the last two decades has enabled to evolve with a new type of construction methodologies. All of this in order to complete the building in a much faster and safer way by meeting the customers’ project timelines.
One of the important factors that have gained prominence over the last few years is Safety at job sites which have become an important part of any project whether small or large. Kirby India has improved and implemented many innovative safe practices across all its job sites by providing training to all the manpower and Certified Builders on safe building practices over these years of operations and continues to do so to have incident-free sites till project completion. 
Building The Future 

  1. Raju – MD, Kirby India possesses nearly 30 years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge of the PEB industry and was instrumental in the successful order booking and execution of many complex and large projects. D. Raju has a Civil Engineering degree and MBA from Osmania University in India and holds the title of Chartered Engineer from the Institute of Engineers – India.

His career with Alghanim Industries spans over 18 years, around that time he has held a number of management positions with the Kirby Building Systems India Group. D. Raju is now leading the Kirby International businesses spread across Middle East & Africa, South East Asia and India. 
Kirby India has grown manifolds over the last few years by executing simple box-like buildings to very complex industrial buildings to high rise structures. The company is now adopting new innovative methods across design, fabrication & construction and other areas of project cycle which have widened its scope of operations to diversify into newer growth areas.
Kirby India also provides Industrial Racking Solutions and has diversified into Structural Steel applications such as High Rise Structures, Airport Terminal Buildings, etc. It has also developed its expertise to cater to commercial buildings segment through Composite Steel Construction or Steel Construction.
The company has already executed many high rise buildings and is currently executing some G+20 commercial office buildings. This will definitely lead to an increase in demand for steel structures for high rises in the coming years which is slowly being accepted by many builders & developers across major cities.
The firm strives to grow in the future as well as aspires to become one of the most preferred partners in the country for any type of steel construction along with taking the company to newer heights with newer businesses through the client-centric & innovative approach.

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