Design Your Nest: Transforming Your Space-Time into a Dreamy Lifetime

Shitiz Garg | Architect | Design Your Nest
Shitiz Garg | Architect | Design Your Nest

Your home holds a special place in your hearts, mind and dreams. It is the once in a lifetime endeavour where you wish it to reflect all your life’s accomplishments, fulfilments and desires. So that you can spend your future lifetime in a spacetime full of your and your family’s lives together. However, dreaming about your dream home is another thing, and bringing it exactly into reality is another.

This is where you need an architect cum interior designer who could understand your emotions behind building your dream home, who would be transparent enough to communicate each and everything with you, who will have the integrity to respect promises, bring a positive optimism by giving you the freedom of choice, and provide you with a lifetime warranty on the finished result.

Simply, your architect will share with you the compassion and feelings and guide you through the transformation of your spacetime into a dreamy lifetime. In other words, by giving meaning to your every emotion, feeling, desire, wish, expectation and meaning to every inch of your spacetime, Shitiz Garg, the Architect will Design Your Nest.

Design Your Nest is an architectural and interior design firm. Shitiz states, “Our goal is to bridge the gap between Pure design and the Contingencies of construction exposed to new and innovative material sensitive to customer requirements.

On the Horizon of Your Visions

Shitiz passed out in 2005 as an Architect from IP University, Delhi. He began his career in the art of Interior Designing and learned details of the craft by using different materials, and their joineries. He worked very closely with labourers at sites. He is incredibly open to working with Smart Materials which are cost-effective and aesthetically look attractive.

Shitiz expresses, “The driving force to being an entrepreneur is Cost-Effective Smart Solutions to create Beautiful Homes for any budget, especially to provide ‘Meaning to Every Inch.”

Shitiz commenced his venture from home as a one-man army. Now, the team Design Your Nest is able to establish its Exhibition Centre with Factory. They have a 50+ people team in different departments. Working out the turnover of 50 to 75lacs on a monthly basis.

Stating his vision, Shitiz says, “We are passionate to serve and focus on building a long-term relationship with our customers.”

Design You Nest team have successfully completed 100+ Beautiful Homes including Bungalow, Villas, Apartments, and Independent Floor homes, across Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Belgaum, Hospet, Bellary and Chennai.


Inspirational Learning for the Lifetime

Shitiz is having 15 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with big brands too. Shitiz shares, “I learned from my experiences, I felt this is the right time to nurture that experience into my own business. These are my learning from past experiences and followed in Design Your Nest,

  • Integrity – Respect your words.
  • Optimistic – Be positive about what is happening and focus on your desires rather than results.
  • Transparency – Communication is the key to resolving all the conflicts and conspiracies, communicate before commencing.
  • Training and Education – Update yourself with New Technology and Materials and fill the hunger quotient of mind with lots of training sessions for yourself as well as a team.”

Prevailing Over the Obstacles

Shitiz remembers that there were two primary challenges he had to surmount to ensure Design You Nest becomes the popular, renowned and reputed brand it is today.

  • Timelines to work at sites – Solution – We build 80% of units in the factory, not to have any restrictions on the work.
  • Getting Skilled Labours – As we work on new materials, sometimes it is tough to get skilled labours for execution – Solution – We test n try in the factory with our in-house labours first, once we succeed then only, we build at the client’s site,” states Shitiz.

Imbibing Core Professional Values

There are three core professional values and qualities which Shitiz thinks that Design Your Nest’s clients’ value in him and his firm the most. They are,

  • Transparency to the core – DYN team installs CCTV Cameras at the site at the time of the architectural and interior designing process, so the client can see real-time updates.
  • Freedom of Choice – Shitiz firmly believes that Designs should reflect the Client’s Personality. “What they like we are there for design and execution.
  • Integrity – What we say, we deliver and what we can’t deliver, we don’t say,” says Shitiz with complete honesty.

Empowering Artistic Décor Innovations

As a company, Shitiz reveals, that they are providing, the freedom to choose core materials to customers of any brand. Like Century, Green Ply, or another local brands with ISO–certified products, they give multiple choices of Exposed Finishes, they provide end-to-end solutions even the décor items too.

Shitiz shares, “We provide a lifetime warranty to our customers, to stay connected with them forever. Customers need not go out for anything related to Interiors. Instead of creating an Experience Centre, we have created an Exhibition Centre. Where Customers can come and see our process of creating their Dream Home. Ideas as DIY, Samples of Plywood and other Materials, and Machines on which we work.”

By mentioning all these points, Shitiz would like to add that they are impacting the market by offering customers the freedom to express their own desires openly and the Design Your Nest team is working hand in hand with them to achieve what they, the customers’ deserved.

Homes that Reflects Clients’ Personality

As per Shitiz, there are some USPs that highlight Design Your Nest’s uniqueness in the industry.

  • Design Your Nest provides freedom to choose what customers’ desire
  • “As Company we take any project not as the project – as emotion and feeling which the client is sharing with us. We believe building the Home is one of the greatest feelings and make their journey to build a beautiful home and reflect their personality,” conveys Shitiz.
  • Smart Solution with an Attractive look and Cost-Effective economics.
  • Masters Of Vaastu – “We are not just Vaastu Compliance. We believe in the knowledge that we build to make your life better,” promises Shitiz.

A Transparent Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Shitiz’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is honest.

Shitiz feels that today’s customers are aware of the trend in the market. That is why he genuinely thinks that you should be transparent with customers and always remember to ‘Communicate Before Commencing.’

Designing Your Futuristic Nest

When asked how he envisions Design Your Nest’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Shitiz shares that there are three primary ways they are approaching this scenario.

  • Digital Marketing – Social Media Presence and regular Engagement is the key.
  • Apps and automated software to make it easy for the customer for getting good Designs, Updates, and New materials.
  • Word of Mouth – Shitiz concludes with a belief that ‘Do good to Customers, and Customers will become your Brand Ambassador.’

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