EntreLogy: Your First Logical Step towards Successful Entrepreneurship

EntreLogy | Akansh Jain

The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is riddled with innumerable obstacles and challenges, one might feel. This feeling leads to hesitancy on the part of aspiring dreamers in beginning their journey.

Although the mighty ones know that those are not obstacles and challenges, but countless learning opportunities one can grab on to be well-prepared for the real battles in the corporate arena. The count of these mighty individuals–aspiring and daring to test their entrepreneurial mettle–is increasing.

One prominent factor in this regard is the post-pandemic reality of the business world keenly sensed by the young generation. Many of them are coming forth and jumping into the battlefield with innovative ideas and futuristic solutions to old and new problems.

And those who are successful and those who are not, yet, still surviving are part of the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Nevertheless, those who have faced failures are thinking about giving up. They must not lose hope. And have faith!

Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Consulting from one of the world’s leading business schools; Warwick Business School, Akansh Jain has returned from the UK to serve his country with a vision to empower the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Capitalizing on the Failures

Akansh accepts that he himself has faced a couple of failures in the entrepreneurship domain. On failing, he realized that if he had certain education and knowledge, he could have avoided these mistakes. Therefore, Akansh always wanted to do something in entrepreneurship education.

Hailing from a business and entrepreneurial background, Akansh has been gaining experiences in different fields from a very young age, which has not just taught him to capitalize on failures but also has mastered his art of tackling different kinds of difficulties with ease.

The Perfect Blend of Entrepreneurial EdTech

Moreover, he was studying for his masters in the UK at the peak of COVID. This made him realize how easily the world is adopting EdTech. The idea came instantly, Edtech and entrepreneurship education, A perfect blend.

Coming back home, Akansh acted on his unique idea and founded EntreLogy–a digital platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn under the guidance of industry experts with courses designed to suit their needs and delivered to offer the ease and comfort of anywhere, anytime, immersive learning experience.

Surmounting Challenges to Establish the Vision

Akansh shares that he and his team launched the pilot phase in April’22 and had zero candidates registered. By May end, they had only eight students.

Akansh informs that it is tough to build a powerful founding team first up. But as you grow over time, you correct your mistakes and eventually make it a power-packed team.

Soon, Akansh, the Founder, made everyone at EntreLogy a part of his vision. Thus, the company is on a mission to contribute towards the growth of the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fast forward to July’22, we are still in the pilot phase, and we have close to 100 candidates registered with us,” reveals Akansh. The experience and skills earned through makes him a competent Business Consultant.

Entering into the Logic of Business   

Speaking about the professional values and qualities his students admire in him and EntreLogy the most, Akansh states that convenience is the key. EntreLogy’s course is self-placed. Candidates can watch it as per their pace and time.

“On a personal level, I feel the authenticity and ease of delivery could be something that consumers value more than anything,” adds Akansh.

EntreLogy’s EdTech Innovations

Telling more about the innovations that the brand EntreLogy empowers in the modern industry, Akansh says that since they are catering in the edtech space, and catering in a competitive space like this needs continuous innovations to succeed. They further look to innovate by bringing in new courses, new industry experts and more.

Unique Simulation Providers

According to Akansh, the USPs that highlight brand EntreLogy’s uniqueness are,

  • Content developed through consultation with the industry leaders: All our content is being led by well renowned and successful industry leaders.
  • Case-study-based learning: Our platform doesn’t provide only video lectures. We complement these with case studies
  • Business Simulation: Every candidate gets access to a one-of-a-kind business simulation on completion of the course.”

A Long-Term Visionary Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Akansh’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is strategic. He recommends that “Be persistent. Be consistent. Be relentless and have a long-term vision but work on short-term strategies.”

EntreLogy: The Future EdTech’s Revolutionary Pioneers

When probed about how he envisions scaling EntreLogy’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Akansh shares that being in the edtech space, technology adaptation on a regular basis is very important for him and his team. He adds, “We look to upgrade our web-only platform to a full-fledged mobile application soon.”

In fact, the business simulation itself will be a revolution in the edtech space, and EntreLogy will be known as the pioneers of the same.

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