Designing Significant Transformation with UX


“Users are not always logical, at least not on the surface. To be a great designer you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act.” — Paul Boag.
The design is a comprehensive field which is related to creativity and responsibility. These days design is not only referred to the web or graphic designing in the tech space, but also makes mobile phones or laptop pages more attractive. UX design mainly stands for user experience design; the aim of the service is about how a user feels while using their gadget. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most misused and confused terms in the field of Technology design. A great designing experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are important for the product’s accomplishment. However, UI and UX both are seemed similar yet have different functionality, basically both contribute to a strong web existence.
The Biggest Impactful UX Designing Trends
A design which can save your time
A good UX at the start of any project can save time and money throughout the life of a project.  UX is intuitive and saves users time often seen in linear designs that permit one action to be taken at a time. Not only a good UX will save time but also it will improve brand perception and customer satisfaction. With an increase in advanced technologies in the areas of chatbots and artificial intelligence, users are going to see more and more interesting ways of time-saving design. Basically artificial intelligent chatbots handled things like basic customer service interaction. It not only saves users time but also saves the company employees time, which helps them to invest maximum time in innovation.
Shrewder personalization
“I think every Internet user likes personalization.” — Ma Huateng.
Every user’s desire personalizes experiences when they interact with devices. Personalization is matching content to the user’s specific preferences, whether they actually input those cues or not. This became one of the biggest mobile and web design challenges at present. It is an almost one line shopping style effect where every user gets their own homepage based on their wants, needs and shopping behavior. Now developers are concentrated to next generation personalization. Multiple options are available to be selected out of binary reporting or one can consciously add in opposing opinions to places like Facebook’s news feed and news sites.
Metrics beyond the edge
Traditional methods of understanding user activity and how long they spend on a site, the companies measure by user’s movement through the web pages or where they drop products before making the purchase. But new techniques and design change the digital experience and it helps a company to track their customer engagement through the metrics system that has a positive impact on the customer’s life. For example, the way users interact with Snapchat has created very positive impacts on the user’s life by supplying a multi-purpose object that is a simple and easy way to share experiences with friends and family.
Broader role of UX
UX design itself is a very broad category. Still, many job posts ask UX/UI designer, but companies are now looking for specialized talent in UX/UI design. In the past, specialization trended around UX disciplines was CRO or IA, but at present it will trend towards new technologies & industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and industries like automotive or health and fitness.
UX is not just the role of the UX designer. Everybody in a developing team needs to learn it to take ownership of different goals during UX development. Every member who plays a role in developing a user-facing element is a part of the UX team. The company must ensure that everyone is involved with it. As said by Milton Glaser “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  To crate Wow experience involvement of every team member is essential.
UX as a Management Practice
Many companies are offering UX design product and service to their customer for its advantage, utility and easy to use the feature. Not only an employee but also the management is giving lots of importance to UX. Now leaders are putting themselves in the shoes of employees and understanding their user journey. They are also questioning an employee’s experience of what happens when they bring forward ideas, start executing on them, and even what happens if they fail.
This experience will have a big effect on morale of the employees to bring the revolution into all aspects of the business and try for more innovation in UX design.
Customer’s response is the most significant element for any business. It is a paramount, important to make the company website very attractive, easy to access and understand and UX design playing a vital role in it. It helps companies to make their websites very creative and users prefer to visit these websites. A design company website with UI or UX creates a very positive impact on the prospective customers and helps the company to win the competition with the wonderful user’s experience.

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