The Science of UI/UX: Decoded


Imagine walking into a room full of strangers with some unapproachable, while some uninterested. Amongst these you find a pair of eyes on you, smiling and speaking with you in your language. How would you feel? That’s exactly what a brilliant UI/UX does!
A perfect marriage of a UI and UX speaks to your user in his or her language, thus making them comfortable. Hence, the user chooses your design over any other because he finds it relatable and simpler to use. In today’s era of single scroll and user engagement integrated websites, one with a smooth UI/UX is what one yearns for. Dedeepya Reddy, Co-Founder of Fruitbowl Digital says, “User interface is the most emerging forms of interactive storytelling.” She believes that brands are replete with stories and the best way to display them is through a seamless UI/UX experience.
But wait, isn’t storytelling a writer’s prerogative? What’s in it for us, designers? Storytelling isn’t limited to character building or a plot twist, but it also includes every stroke that comes from a designer’s brush. While your story needs to be strong to keep the user engaged, the way you dress it up is all what adds the extra edge to it.
So what creates a perfect UI/UX design? “Perfection is utopian. We keep innovating and improving and in the process, create something we absolutely love! The design is in the detail. Pay attention to every detail and then sit back and enjoy the flawless experience”, says Rajdeep Patil, the Art Director of the agency.
The single mantra they both swear by is “Design For Humans”. Your takeaway from the 500 worded – Focus on creating designs that build a relationship between the user and product and you’ll never go wrong!

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