Dheeraj Sharma and Himani Goel: Creating a Technopreneurial Saga by Coderootz

Dheeraj Sharma and Himani Goel
Dheeraj Sharma and Himani Goel

Entrepreneurship can be defined in a variety of ways. Almost all of those definitions are based on a person or individuals who share some intrinsically distinguishing characteristics. Like their ability to take risks, their never-say-die attitude, and their desire for profit. These definitions appear constrained because they are based on what has worked in the past. True entrepreneurs of the modern era are never confined by definitions.

On the contrary, they either redefine or invent their own definitions of entrepreneurship, the characteristics required to become one, the abilities required to make their endeavour successful, and even the type of profit sought.

Dheeraj Sharma and Himani Goel, the Co-founders of the brand Coderootz under its parent firm Summerhill Technologies, have indeed been writing their own entrepreneurial saga told more by their happily satisfied customers than anybody else.

Brand Coderootz Ambassadors

In his testimony, one client, Tarun, the Founder & CEO of SiCureMi Healthcare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. says, “Coderootz has helped our organization to build a comprehensive and elaborate follow-up care digital healthcare platform. It is a very sophisticated tool which will create an impact and improve healthcare delivery and outcome. Highly recommend Coderootz to my fellow entrepreneurs.”

While the next client, Gaurav, the CEO of Himflavours, says, “Using their Last Mile delivery and Warehouse Management software has helped me cut down delivery costs by 20%, added more day-to-day Operational Clarity and reduced lead times and distribution costs. Himflavours is looking forward to growing alongside them (Dheeraj, Himani, and the Coderootz team) in the years to come.”

The next client, Luv Singh, Managing Director of Global Trip Holidays Pvt Ltd from Manali expresses, “We appreciate the programming and development approach extended by Coderootz. The way they design and develop the Lead Management software was phenomenal. It will help us to achieve our goals. Undoubtedly the best IT development company in Himachal Pradesh.”

Another client, Rahul, the CEO of Holisol Logistics says, “They have been instrumental in managing the Cash on the Delivery problem for the business, especially during COVID-19.”

While the next client, Adil, the Business Owner of Tawseelah, says, “My business has grown 50% in the last year and the operation excellence goes to Coderootz.”

And another one, Rupesh, the CEO of Carson Logistics shares, “My operational cost has come down by 15% after using their services and I would recommend them (Dheeraj, Himani, and the Coderootz team) any day to other businesses.”

These are but a few of the thousands of clients whom Dheeraj, Himani, and the Coderootz team helped in growing their entrepreneurial dreams successfully. “More than money, it is these happy clients’ satisfaction which we believe is our profit,” says Dheeraj, while Himani adds, “At the end of the day, their praises for us means more than a million bucks earned otherwise.”

Parents’ Blessings’

Both of them–Dheeraj and Himani–come from middle-class backgrounds. While growing up they saw their hard-working parents toiling each day to provide the best facilities for their families. Dheeraj says, “Our parents are our true inspiration in our lives.” While Himani adds, “Deeply appreciate the way they brought us up and the values they inculcated in us. Today what we are is all because of their blessings.”

Elaborating on her journey Himani says that she was brought up in the lap of hills at Shimla. After her schooling at St. Thomas School, Shimla, she graduated in sciences from heritage college, St. Bedes, Shimla. After completing her B.Ed., she took up a job as a teacher in one of the eminent schools in the city, DAV Public School, New Shimla, where she taught English, Science and Business Studies. “Alongside teaching, I completed my MBA in Finance.”

On the other hand, after completing his education, BCA – MCA, Dheeraj worked with Netgen IT Solutions for about a year, before switching over to Holisol Logistics Solutions. “There I contributed my best in all the assignments that came my way and rose to lead the Tech Team,” he says.

After contributing her best as an Educationist for over two decades and Dheeraj mastering his skills and gaining competence in his field for five years, they both took upon a challenge, and opened their software development company with the name Summerhill Technologies Pvt. Ltd. under the domain name Coderootz, with multi-fold objectives such as –

  • To code and develop software solutions meeting varied clientele requirements.
  • In the bargain generating employment opportunities.
  • And thus, contributing their might to society.

“For making the fresh startup going, we both are happily learning to manage Men (Team Coderootz, Clientele, certain government agencies and more) and Money (finances involved). Challenges keep popping up and are overcome in a stride, with lots of blessings in disguise,” says Himani.

And as per Dheeraj, for over the last two years, they have been working on their plans to realize the vision and mission of Coderootz. “The road ahead is difficult and unknown, the journey continues nevertheless, where we reach–the story is yet to unfold,” smiles Himani.

Holistic Approach Continues…

When probed that what professional qualities and values they think their clients, colleagues, and employees admire in them the most, Dheeraj says that they wish the question was addressed to their clients and colleagues. However, Himani adds, “Holistic Planning and Target oriented approach is what we are running with. We aspire to make a happy working atmosphere, democratic style of functioning and focus on issues at hand.”

They further that Coderootz, is an IT Services and IT Consulting company offering – Logistics software Products and software development services. Deploying the latest cutting-edge technologies, they deliver tailor-made web and mobile software solutions.

  • “Our USP – we do not believe in ‘one-size fits all’, therefore we develop and deliver customized software solutions which are competitively priced,” says Himani.
  • “Position – We are the only Logistic Software Provider in Shimla and hence, natural leaders in the field,” says Dheeraj.

Intelligence Powered Machines

Being an experienced leader, sharing their opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML impacts their industry and how they are adapting to the change, Himani expresses that as is rightly said by Nick Bostrom, ‘Machine Intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make,’ “We realize that AI and ML have a great impact on our industry. They have brought a revolution, as they can significantly reduce operational costs for our target industries by automating their redundant processes using intelligence, reducing human errors, and implementing AI-powered chatbots.”

With the help of AI and MI algorithms, developers can accurately predict the time and cost required to complete a project. Its use can fasten up software testing and can also automate testing enabling testing in a multitude of scenarios.

“As far as we are concerned about adapting to this change we have started building our team and are at present in collaboration with a company who is helping us to get better clarity and knowledge about this,” informs Dheeraj.

The Icebergs of Courage

Considering the current industry scenario, the major challenges they face are,

  • Keeping pace with the changing dynamics of the market.
  • Changing times with an onerous focus to satisfy each client.
  • Time and cost overrun.
  • Finding qualified talent.
  • Maintaining a competitive edge.

Himani counters, “We at Coderootz follow an action-oriented approach and stick to a well-researched business plan. We ensure we onboard the right fits and keep our communication crystal clear with our clients.” While Dheeraj supplements, “To keep yourself updated with innovations is a must in today’s world and that is what we also make certain.”

In their advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into their space, Himani says, “Hey! Aspirants out there, remember if you want to be successful you have to have belief in yourself. Be positive in all situations, keep learning and be focused.” Dheeraj adds, “Strong determination and hardwork surely are a must.”

On envisioning scaling brand Coderootz’s operations and offerings in the future, they reveal, “For scaling up we will make sure that we have a clear future map, attain perfection in all our processes, invest more in the latest technology and have an increased focus on networking and collaboration.”

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