Digitoonz: Delivering the Versatile and Sagacious Frames to Entertainment World


Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen.. yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. –Bradley Whitford. Hard core believer of this philosophy, Vikas Kumar, CEO and Founder of Digitoonz  was working as a Graphic Designer in a very small scale company, was prudently able to foresee a big perspective of the animation. At the same time, he also analysed there were no such organized animation companies in North India, which inferred him to come up with the idea to board in an Animation Industry which later on led to the ladder of Digitoonz success.
Digitoonz mainly stands for Digital Cartoons and it is one of the most important animation structure in India. Established in 2009, Digitoonz is an interactive entertainment and animation production studio in Delhi (NCR), India and having a business office in Delaware, USA. Digitoonz is one of the largest rapidly growing Animation Studio from India. They are a full-service Animation Production company with the world class infrastructure and skilled crew in all the departments.
Digitoonz specializes in the areas of producing TV Series in Toon Boom Harmony, Flash, 2D and CGI Animation for TV – Broadcast and feature film. They have worked on various TV Series, Feature Films, Web Series including Kids and Edutainment Content. Furthermore, their global presence in Animation, Media & Entertainment and Advertising Industry is admirable. The content developed by Digitoonz is broadcasted on major Kids channel of Europe, North America, Middle East, UK and Latin America which is much commended by their customers.
Peculiar Characteristics of Digitoonz
Digitoonz is dedicated to provide specialized services to fulfill the current organizational needs by understanding the importance and secrecy of the business related information and giving it due importance. The company adopt a fact based and structured approach in their assignments to ensure its successful completion and to meet expected end results. They manage skilled talent resource pool committed to meet their client’s expectation level and their diversified demand. The important characteristics of Digitoonz also includes its international working culture. Most of the employees in Digitoonz are youngsters. They are the only animation studio in Delhi that works on TV Series and Feature films and by now they are worldwide known for their quality work.
Services that are Vivyifying the Animation Industry
Digitoonz create films and TV Series for production companies and major animation studios. Typical responsibilities of Digitoonz team includes: Developing Backgrounds, Storyboards, Animatcs and working creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing animation using specialist computer generation software.
Adoption of New Technologies
The greatest and hence the most successful Animation Project by Digitoonz so far is Mirette Invastigates. They adopted a new technology within no time, yet their team performed really well and completed the project with high appreciation from their clients as well as the broadcaster.
Leadership is carrying Responsibility
Vikas Kumar founded the company seven years back, along with his friend Nadim Akhtar as a small scale company. Vikas started his career as a Graphic Designer and has worked with renowned companies in Delhi NCR before founding Digitoonz.
Vikas looks for perfection in everything his company does since he is much passionate about animation. He considers clients’ business as his own and works hard to accomplish the task most efficiently. Vikas says, “It is a great journey to grow more and more and it feels like I am living my Dream.”
Synergy in Core Team Members accredit Success
The greatest strength of Digitoonz is its core team. Every individual in their core-team is so perfectly set in each department that you can completely rely that everything is going to take place on the right way. The core-team motivates the artists and helps them to achieve the desired quality. The second strength of Digitoonz is that they always give an opportunity to Freshers as the company believe in training them and getting the desired quality. The passion that you can see in freshers to perform helps us to move forward more creatively.
Coining up the Importance of AR & VR in Animation
VR & AR are the emerging technologies. Virtual Reality has evolved over time and will continue to grow as technology improves – from Jaron Lanier coining the term virtual reality in 1987 to the introduction of Google Cardboard in 2014, which made VR more accessible to the masses.
Imagine being able to transport yourself to a completely different place- with the click of a button? The immersive experiences define just a small taste of what’s possible and the level of personalization and immersion that VR provides makes it a great opportunity for brands to engage with their tech-savvy audiences.
Inking the Colors of Digitoonz All Over the Map
Digitoonz has a vision to be amongst the top Animation Production companies in the world, leveraging a Technology and Process-enabled global delivery model. Digitoonz is also working as a Co-Production Partner with Italian, Catalan, French, Polish, Canadian, German and other producers. Digitoonz has co-produced many TV Series as a Co-Producer / Co Financer. Also, there are several other series which is under production and in the development process.
Digitoonz is all set to start with its own IP (Intellectual Property) and this can take a very beautiful turn towards the further growth of Digitoonz. They are also planning to invest on international co-production more prominently.

Source :- The 10 Most Creative Animation Companies in 2017

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