Dipti Agrawal- A Woman with Indomitable Will

Dipti Agrawal
Dipti Agrawal

Women entrepreneurs serve as the catalyst for economic growth and are bringing a lot of development in public and the private sector in the country. The notions of successful businesswomen have different perspectives. However, self-belief, ambition, passion, sense of purpose, assertiveness, humility and willingness to work under any circumstance are some of the common traits that can be attributed to them.
Successful female entrepreneurs are always passionate about what they do because they tend to create businesses around the things they enjoy. One such ambitious and passionate business women, Dipti Agrawal, CEO, Tudip Technologies, is an inspiration and role-model for budding female entrepreneurs. She has fostered Tudip Technologies into one of the fastest growing organizations in the very short span of time.
Women face a multitude of challenges in the workforce. Despite these hurdles, female leaders find ways to overcome and prosper. These women are the driving force and strength behind some of the successful and giant business organizations across the globe.
With highly skilled workforce, Tudip Technologies offers bundles of products and services into software development, primarily in the web, mobile, IOT, DevOps and QA automation space.
Dipti’s Entrepreneurial Expedition
Dipti, CEO, is an alumnus of IBS, Hyderabad and an engineering graduate from NIT Durgapur. With her strong acumen for business, Dipti has played a vital role in shaping Tudip Technologies over the years.
While speaking about helping clients and earning profits in business, Dipti says, “I believe any business is about providing value to the client, money is just a by-product.”
Dipti’s charisma, passion & years of dedication have led her to one of the top Business Women. With her go-getter attitude, ability of taking calculated risks, disciplined nature, strong people skills and work ethics, she is recognized as an inspiration to several folks, especially women throughout India.
Women entrepreneurs are not only bringing economic growth in the country, but also a constructive societal change. She says, “Being a successful woman in business is more than just income, it’s fulfillment of work-life balance, and making a difference in the world.”
Meticulously Designed Solutions 
A commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation, Tudip Technologies has strived to build and deliver great user experiences through its products and services. The organization offers flexible, customized, personalized and cost-effective outsourcing solutions by ensuring the utmost confidentiality of sensitive business data with on-time and on-budget delivery.
To minimize the gap between the client needs and their offering, the company developed dedicated and business-centric web solutions coupled with innovation and expertise as the tools to achieve business goals.
Tudip’s high-quality, cost-effective, reliable and scalable services have helped it in building an enduring relationship with its esteemed customers from all over the globe.
“With a steady focus on all new cutting-edge technologies like ReactJS, ReactNative, AngularJS, MVC 6, MEAN, PHP 7 etc. we are additionally pushing for more exciting work in IOT, Mobile, AR/VR space along with cloud-enabled technologies,” expressed Dipti.
Commencement towards Excellence
The foundation stone of Tudip Technologies was laid on 5th of April, 2010. From the team of four bright minded folks to a workforce of around 250 enthusiastic talented engineers, Tudip has made a remarkable progress since inception. Headquartered at Pune, India, they have another team working in Campbell, California.
Everyone can be an entrepreneur. However, the skills that one needs to be an entrepreneur are ability to have ideas, to sell those ideas, to execute on those ideas, and to be persistent so even as you fail you learn and move onto the next adventure. Thus, with the same zeal and resolve, Tudip was formed by two engineers from National Institute of Technology Durgapur (NIT) first-generation entrepreneurs per se, since then; the company has a glorious history of growing at a high pace in spite of the market instabilities and recession.
You Never Really Lose Until You Stop Trying
The ability to handle life’s challenges and adversities is a measure of the strength of a woman’s character.
“One of the key lessons, I learned was to never give up on clients. We did not leave our clients even when the chips were down. This helped us gain their trust which got us good business in the long run,” says Dipti.
Being an entrepreneur, one should be ready to face new challenges; because challenges bring opportunities to perform better.
While talking about the goals, Dipti feels, dedication and hard work are the two things which are must to succeed in any business. When you love what you do, dedication and hard work come naturally. There have been several moments when the entire team sat for several hours to deliver a quality product to our clients. For me, such moments are more valuable than any awards.
She also believes that being updated about the latest developments in respective fields is very essential to sustain and maintain the peak position in the industry.
Achieving Maximum Productivity through the Work Culture
There is a saying, Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. Tudip Technologies has adopted a flexible, informal, supportive and empowering work culture with the mantra of “Employee first”. This has enabled Tudip to achieve maximum productivity and work satisfaction amongst all the employees.
Tudip’s values are Integrity, Innovation and Serenity. Since inception, the management has fostered upon open work culture and tagged them as Equal Opportunities Company.
The company culture need not be Ping-Pong tables and free lunches. By simply providing employees with a sense of safety and well-being and creating a policy where everyone looks out for each other can easily suffice and Tudip has been successful at accomplishing this.
Words of Wisdom for Budding Women Entrepreneurs
Women being entrepreneur can certainly make a strong contribution to the economic well-being of the family and communities, poverty reduction and women’s empowerment.
Governments across the world, as well as various developmental organizations, are actively undertaking promotion of women entrepreneurs through various schemes, incentives and promotional measures.
Dipti says, “My advice to budding women entrepreneur is if you are authentic in your work, if you’re passionate about it, and if you always strive to better yourself, you will rise to the top. There will always be hurdles so don’t be scared, if you have the will, you will definitely cross them”
Footsteps towards Bright Future
The constant technological innovations and advancements in IT industry in recent times have changed the economic equations for several IT companies in India. However, this technological revolution has also opened the doors to several untapped opportunities.
The Tudip team desires to venture into newer technologies and unexplored domains. They have carved a niche as MVP Experts with over 300+ successful products deliveries and counting.
While sharing her thoughts about the future endeavours, Dipti states, “We have learnt from our past experiences that technologies that seem hot today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. We are venturing into very challenging domains such as translation services and IoT and are ready to push our limits to deliver the best products and solutions in these domains.”
Having a guiding force like Dipti on board, Tudip Technologies certainly has golden days ahead!

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