Meghana Kambham: Leading a Mission to Serve

Meghana Kambham
Meghana Kambham

Women who are independent, healthy and confident are either running businesses, social enterprises, organizations or a part of the workforce of the country are equally contributing towards the growth of the society as a whole. We have come a long way from crossing the confinements of our households to receive best of education and employment to in fact creating jobs. Whether entrepreneurs are born or made, is an unending debate that everyone has a different opinion on. Regardless of where you stand, it is clear; entrepreneurs strive to help humanity and make the world a better place. One such influential woman who is an entrepreneur at heart is Meghana Kambham, Co-Founder of CarenGrow. As an entrepreneur, it gives her immense satisfaction to work with so many talented women who are equally passionate about their work, and we all collectively stand for what modern-day India symbolizes, i.e., tremendous strength and power.
Modern, Educated and Self-reliant Women
Meghana is an award-winning medical graduate, and a social entrepreneur witnessed many people diagnosed with diseases and conditions that were preventable. Moreover, she noticed that parents lacked the commitment or even the knowledge of getting health checks done for children. The outlook is for corrective healthcare – take the children to a doctor when they are unwell. Many conditions are attributed to the child being disobedient, indiscipline or merely notorious. Parents being ignorant about the hidden conditions that may be causing the problems, harm children even more.
It was more devastating to look at the statistics of the children-pediatrician ratio of 3000:1 in the country. She realized that the doctors and nurses were just not well equipped or prepared to manage the healthcare of children of the nation correctly. She understood that the Indian healthcare system was more of “Sick care” system.
Thoughtful Measure for Developing an Application
Meghna turned to technology to build a platform for preventive screening and behavior change.  CarenGrow was born as a fruit of thoughtful analysis of the social health condition of the Indian community as a whole. She designed this from ground-up to empower teachers and parents to take charge of monitoring children’s health. The Apps are simple to use and requires minimum training. She is determined to have the CarenGrow System is operational throughout India having run successful test runs for over 6000 school-going children. The auspicious nature of the System has recently brought to it “Patent Pending” status with the support of Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext program.
In my opinion, a right businesswoman is a woman who is confident and unshakable on her path towards excellence. Her purpose is her strength, and she walks alone. She leads and also creates the way for many other fellow human beings empowering them with her vision. Moreover, providing not only means of sustainable livelihood but also impacting the lives of people who are in its dire need,” asserts Meghana.
About CarenGrow
Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana,  CarenGrow is a unique venture aiming to create healthy nations by seeding in the holistic development of children. With its yearlong health protection program for the children in the schools, it provides the urgently required essential preventive health care services for every child, thus bridging and integrating health care with education. The best part is that it attains its goal without any deviation from the school’s existing schedule by their flexible methods.
Profound Services
CarenGrow meticulously delivers on all the four fundamental aspects of preventive health care for school going children, i.e.

  • Screenings: Biannual screenings of children done by trained healthcare Coordinators based on 30 essential health parameter with the help of a 100% digital safe & data secured app.
  • Treatment Plans: They provide both short term and long term treatment plans, with the support of digital and physical health report cards and a parent app that notifies them about their ward’s health, behavioral patterns, required diet plans and other conditions health in children by systematically notifying on health behaviors, nutritional programs, and customized solutions.
  • Health & Behavioral Change Activities: They also conduct positive health & behavior change activities on a school campus with the help of teachers targeting nine essential health habits, well integrated into the school timetable.
  • Community Health Engagement: Since achieving the best of children’s health cannot be done in isolation, and a collective effort from the parents, as well as school, is utmost necessary. Hence the final step is community engagement delivered by their health workshops and assemblies for parents, teachers, and students including health champ – the competition to make this endeavor engaging and fun!

Future Plans
CarenGrow envisions to impact the lives of all the 315 million children of this country and beyond by making healthcare affordable and accessible to all. They strive to make good health ‘a way of life’ for the children who are the most valuable assets of the nation. When everyone expects their kids to do his or her best in studies, sports, co-curricular, why not provide them with a level field to do so by giving them the physical and mental capacity by being health ready!
CarenGrow will roll out to bring the health insurance component profusely into vogue. Digitize the complete health record system in India as schools where one can roll the right place to start the universal health record creation and make lifestyles and health conditioning through mobile a way of life for India’s and worlds workforce. Also, the company is bringing in game-changing analytics to healthcare data which they collect for grander customized automated treatment plans &lifestyle and wellness advice for health conditioning soon.
In a nutshell, CarenGrow will leave no stone unturned to halve the factors limiting their reach and double their impact on health in the lives of people.

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