Disco, Japanese Chip Maker Plans it Centre in India


According to a business executive quoted on Tuesday, Japan’s Disco Corp (6146.T) intends to construct a centre in India to service its clients and serve as a foundation for marketing to the nation’s semiconductor industry.

According to the article, the supplier of chipmaking equipment would think about establishing an applications laboratory in India where test cuts and other experimental operations are carried out upon customer request.

Plans for the lab will rely, according to insiders, on how client firms are doing with their Indian operations.

In terms of silicon wafer cutting and grinding tools, Disco is the industry leader. The firm controls between 70 and 80 percent of the global market for machinery used in chip manufacturing’s back-end operations.

The wide spectrum of investments made in India by international corporations is what sparked the Japanese company’s attention. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a US chipmaker, revealed last Monday that it will spend $400 million over the following five years to construct Bengaluru as its largest design hub. Within five years, the centre is anticipated to generate 3,000 new engineering jobs and be operational.

Noboru Yoshinaga, executive vice president of Disco, told the press that the actions demonstrate that “the tide has changed.” Yoshinaga continued by saying that local Indian businesses’ investments would advance alongside those of global businesses.

In the recently finished Semicon India 2023 event, which was hosted with a specific focus on the nation’s semiconductor industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged businesses to invest in India. “India understands that semiconductors are not just a national need but a necessity for the world,” Prime Minister Modi said, reiterating India’s determination to become a global leader in chip supply. He told attendees that making investments in India will result in huge returns.

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