DISYS India Pvt. Ltd: Smart and Efficient Technology and Automation Solutions

Kumar Rajagopalan,Vice President, India Operations, DISYS India Pvt. Ltd

What is a company made of? An idea, a solution, its values, or something else? All these and most importantly, people. Without its human resource power, a company is just a brick-and-mortar building, an idea that did not see light or in the digital context, a virtual space.

The right kind of people processes the idea that formulated the company, convert it into a solution, work as per the company’s values and help the company grow. This makes staffing a quintessential activity. Handpicking the right candidates today is passé. Instead, with technology and automation, browsing through scores of applicant data and matching the perfect ones with the company’s requirement is the norm.

And one company helps others do all this and more without breaking a sweat. We are talking about DISYS India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), U.S.A.

Founded in the year 1994 in the U.S.A., DISYS has a long and successful history in the staff-augmentation and ITconsulting industry, growing from a two-person operation to a global award-winning, multimillion-dollar company in under two decades. Since the 1990s, the IT sector has grown steadily. DISYS has helped organizations meet their need for talent to achieve their IT objectives. The ethical delivery of high-quality services is what motivates every employee working in this company.

The Company

DISYS is a certified Minority Business Enterprise in the USA (MBE). Incorporated in 1994, DISYS is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices and delivery locations worldwide. The company began as a basement operation. DISYS’ first major contract was with the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2000; this coincided with the establishment of company sales leadership and corporate identity. The company then experienced a period of rapid growth using a relationship-based sales model and expanded to eight offices across the U.S.

In 2007, DISYS opened its first overseas office. Beginning in 2012, the company invested $20M to enhance backoffice and shared corporate services to provide a platform for future growth. Over the past two years, DISYS has positioned itself through investment in its internal processes and operations to grow through acquisitions. Over that time, DISYS has acquired multiple staffing companies to help expand our national footprint.

DISYS currently operates in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Dubai, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. DISYS India was established as a fully-owned subsidiary of DISYS, LLC in 2012. DISYS India currently has over 650 employees and is growing rapidly.

Effective Solutions

DISYS is a global staffing, IT consulting, and outcomebased IT managed services firm. It delivers strategic value by understanding and responding to a client’s environment and challenges either by assembling the most talented team for any job or by delivering comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

In IT, DISYS is a generalist IT-staffing provider, and in addition, it has strong capabilities in infrastructure support and security, program/project management, business and data analysis, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, etc.), custom and mobile application development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BI/predictive analytics, testing/Quality Assurance (QA), and cloud solutions.

In non-IT sector, DISYS is an industry-leading contingentlabor supplier for finance, risk, audit, legal, compliance, professional, marketing, creative, HR, recruiting/talentacquisition, accounting, administration, and customer service roles.

Technology, the Faithful Ally

DISYS leverages process automation, both internally and for its clients, to drive efficiency and continual improvement. This includes data-aggregation tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science.

Examples include but are not limited to tools such as Brightfield Strategies TDX to match prospective job requisitions against its Bullhorn candidate records and determine those requisitions they are best able to fill. “Harvester” tools such as Recruitment Edge automatically search the Web for best-fit candidate resumes, aggregate them, and display them to DISYS recruiters. CareerBuilder Supply and Demand helps DISYS align specific job descriptions with real-time market rates for each market.

Its process-automation tools help clients reduce costs, increase productivity, and reach key business goals efficiently and in time. It has recently signed with Workplace by Facebook, an internal workplacecollaboration tool, to create a forum for its consultants to work together and mentor each other on technical knowledge, regardless of where they work for DISYS. Digital transformation is a major initiative within DISYS, and it also offers that service to its clients.

Acing the Pandemic Challenge

Like every organization, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on DISYS, both directly and through the customers it serves. DISYS has always cared for the safety of its employees, as it regards every employee as part of DISYS’ extended family.

DISYS has taken steps to protect the safety of its employees by following all guidance provided by local, state, and central officials in each area it operates. This includes encouraging remote work, dividing its offices into alternate work teams who come to their work office on alternate weeks, and encouraging/mandating use of mask and social distancing for all employees and visitors. It has made hand sanitizer available at all workstations. Its extensive use of social-networking tools such as Zoom, Jabber, and Workplace allows the employees to communicate virtually in real-time, without having to meet face-to-face. The HR department has distributed detailed protocols to all employees and consultants outlining any actions they should take, including actions if they believe they or a close associate has become infected. The HR department keeps all employees notified regularly of any COVID-19 related news for which they should be made aware.

DISYS has teamed with specialists to care for its employees’ well-being and to provide counselling as needed. It has also taken the opportunity to provide online training to improve the employees’ skills during this time.

“To date, our efforts have proven successful. Despite the general economic downturn, DISYS revenue and overall financial stability remain strong; the company has seen a historically strong financial performance this summer and expects 2020 year-over-year revenue to increase. Our employee headcount has also increased steadily during this time. We have kept 100% uptime for all our customer services and achieved all client-required metrics,” says Mr. Maruf Ahmed.

E-learning for Employee Welfare

DISYS is a major staffing company, and we understand that we must pay attention to our employees’ welfare. We have in place strong employee wellness programs; one such program for our employees we named as “LIFE”. Our “LIFE” program was recognized in some of the forums and in recognition of our efforts, we were awarded in the 2017 and 2020 CII competitions for our HR Retention, L&D, and new HR initiatives.

Throughout their journey with DISYS, our employees pass through various stages; at each stage, our employees’ needs are addressed with the help of this “LIFE” program. DISYS department managers, in coordination with the HR Department, help employees progress through these stages. The whole process is gamified, and analytics captured to provide detailed insight. The Protocol is a continuous learning process; learning and knowledge-sharing is a part of our culture, and e-learning approaches were introduced before the new normal set in.

Expansion on the Mind

Our strategic objectives over the next three-to-five years are to expand both our U.S. and international markets significantly. DISYS is growing organically at a rate of eight per cent annually and plans to maintain this pace. As a company we plan to acquire at least $100M in revenue every year through inorganic activity and add $50-100M through the expansion of our current client base each year, to meet our goal of $1B in revenue by the end of 2022. Our systems and processes are in place to accommodate this growth.

DISYS has steadily expanded in India, and we are providing quality services from our delivery centers in Chennai, Noida, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune. We plan significant future investment to expand our service portfolio within our include Automation, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Data, and AI/ML Centres of Excellence.

The Core Team

Mahfuz Ahmed, CEO

Mahfuz is the CEO and principal founder of DISYS. As CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Directors, focuses on continuous strategic planning, financial management, and overseeing the growing portfolio of all DISYS services. DISYS has grown 38% annually over the last 10 years – a testament to Mahfuz’s knowledge, persistence and strategic focus of industry demands and technology solutions.

Maruf Ahmed, President and COO

Maruf is the President of DISYS, and serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. He was a co-founder of SIS, Inc, a consulting firm that merged with DISYS in 1999. Maruf oversees DISYS’ Information Technology, Human Resources and Financial Operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service and cost-effective management of resources. He is responsible for managing the operational procedures, policies, standards and providing the IT infrastructure and services to keep pace with DISYS’ tremendous growth.

Kumar Rajagopalan, VP, India Operations

Rajagopalan leads India Operations and provides strategic direction for alignment of DISYS PeopleSoft Application and Processes. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, project and program management, pre-sales, large project transition. The Leadership Team answers a few strategic and transformative questions for the changes that they foresee. With a strong belief in hard work, a desire to do better, and relentless persistence, Mahfuz Ahmed and Maruf Ahmed began this journey in 1994. Their guideposts during this time have evolved into DISYS’ core values: Accountability, Respect, Collaboration, Fairness, and Ingenuity. DISYS India is managed by Kumar Rajagopalan, Full time Director and Country Head.

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