Domestic Airports resume Flights amid Chaos and Cancellations

Domestic Airports

As Domestic Airports flung their gates open after a 2-month long lockdown, there was more mayhem than relief that could be seen among passengers. The confusion was attributed to several sets of conditions imposed by different states on whether or not and how they would want the airlines to operate.

Civil Aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri, on Sunday evening, tweeted: “It has been a long day of hard negotiations with various state govt to recommence civil aviation operations in the country. Except for Andhra Pradesh which will start on 26/5 & West Bengal on 28/5, domestic flights will recommence across the country from tomorrow.” The tweet did confirm that the flights will be operating finally.

However, many last-minute rules led to several flights being canceled and their passengers, stranded and angry at the airports. The Maharashtra government said that the Mumbai airport will be handling only 50 flights per day, 25 incoming and 25 outgoings. The Delhi airport saw nearly 82 flights being canceled. It will be handling 125 departures and 118 arrivals today. The Bengaluru Airport saw 8 cancellations today.

Passengers were greeted with strict thermal screenings and if they had downloaded the Arogya Setu app. Most of them complained of not being aware that the flights have been canceled. They also said that there have been no answers from the help desk.

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