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For entrepreneurs & the start-up community, doodleblue is an end to end services provider. They help firms right from the conceptualization of the product, helping them build a creative user experience, developing the backend stacks and finally pushing their product into the market through strategic digital marketing solutions. doodleblue’s core services include: web and mobile application development, CRM & ERP enterprise solutions, digital marketing and customized software solutions. They are part of the google explorer’s program as they are one of the 10,000 individuals that have access to google glasses and have started significant development in this new wearable.
Atishe and Nishyta Chordia, a brother sister duo, are the founders of doodleblue Innovations which was incorporated in 2011. Atishe, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with majors in mechanical engineering, economics & statistics and worked as a product manager at a software consulting firm in New York. After moving home he started doodleblue and his core focus is business development, talent acquisition & a little bit of project management. He’s a serial entrepreneur at heart and loves building product experiences and Nishyta is the creative design lead and co-founder, currently studying art history and design. This interest and enthusiasm about art, illustration and design inspired her to start doodleblue, with tremendous mentor-ship and support from her brother and partner Atishe. She helps to churn out exciting designs for all the various products. They both have grown significantly from a two member team to a 60+ member team.
A Creative Technology Partner
doodleblue is a very flexible organization to work with. No matter what the size and nature of the client’s requirement they ensure they have an efficient way of serving the clients. Being a boutique firm doodleblue does not end up working with everyone, and those who they do work with, they help them like their own in-house team and give them all the attention and guidance they need. “We not just a development outfit, in fact we have tied up with several firms where doodleblue is actually their Creative Technology Partner” says Atishe Chordia, CEO doodleblue.
Since our company deals with US clients, we ensure that our communication is air tight. Being up to date with the latest technology and trends makes handling clients easier. This pushes them to work on cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology etc. doodleblue has one of the best work cultures and they like to think out of the box.
High-end quality services provider
doodleblue started as a design company and then moved on to web and mobile platforms. They strongly focus on the North America & EU regions as this is a developed market for the services they provide. After achieving break-even point in 2 months of starting out, they have only believed in organic growth. To be sustainable most firms have to really focus on services and do even low cost projects and work with a lot of clients to get a steady in flow of revenue. However, for doodleblue, they are a high-end quality services provider and are a boutique firm so right now they don’t have to run after clients. They decide who they want to work with and which projects are interesting. This is probably something that defines doodleblue and keeps work really exciting for their team! doodleblue is now gearing up for their our own product development and building out products and apps for the google glasses, Augmented Reality, NFC, OCR and other technologies.
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