Dr Arati Suryawanshi: Amalgamating Values and Qualities towards Success

Dr. Arati Suryawanshi | Coach | trainer | therapist | & EQ Consultant | Mindful Heart Consultancy
Dr. Arati Suryawanshi | Coach | trainer | therapist | & EQ Consultant | Mindful Heart Consultancy

Life coaching comes in many different forms. However, simply put, life coaching aims to help people meet goals in their lives.

It can guide people towards new methods to help them solve problems they face in their personal lives or at work and set them on a path to achieving their ambitions. It can be delivered face-to-face, over the phone, in the small groups or even by email and any other social networking format as Zoom, Google meet and all

Moreover, life coaches help you find the correct answers for you. Like a personal trainer for your life and career, a life coach will work with you to improve all areas in your life by helping you work out where you want to go and how you will get there. Life coaches seek to help people actualize their full potential and lead purposeful and meaningful lives.

Life coaching can help people identify their life values and clarify what they want from life. It can help you to set effective goals to meet your ambitions, monitor progress on your journey of change, help you to stay focused and challenged, make sure you stick to your commitments and take you beyond your initial ambitions through continual reassessment and re-examination of your ideas, plans, and strategies.

Ultimately, it can help take you closer to the life you want to lead. So, if you wish to find a more satisfying career, need support dealing with tricky relationship issues, or get better with time management, life coaching can help you find solutions and help you achieve your goals.

It can be suitable for anybody; However, it is essential to take the time to find the proper life coach and check their methods and style suit your needs. Ideally, they should offer a psychological approach if the work you do with them will be long-lasting, effective, and grounded in science.

You can experience such life coaching under an excellent consultant, and trainer with a deep commitment to mindfulness, empathy, and joy, Dr Arati Suryawanshi.

Arati also provides individual and group training programs, and programs to enhance Emotional Intelligence skills and life skills. And other tailor-made programs to people through Mindful Heart Consultancy.

Shedding light on the professional tenure in this industry, Dr Arati expressed, “We have been into training and development for many years, almost 20 to 25 years. Initially, we were into psychological therapies, and we used to conduct pieces of training on the same.”

“Today, we conduct programs to enhance emotional intelligence skills and soft skills as well.”

A Coherent Leadership:

Dr Arati Suryawanshi is a Life Coach, Consultant, Researcher, and EQ Trainer with a deep commitment to mindfulness, empathy, and joy. Her current PhD research focuses on the “Impact of Teachers Emotional Intelligence on student’s performance.”

With 25 years of psychology and counselling background in her career, Dr Arati has created interventions for managers, corporates, educators, and families. She has earned her postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune, and her Post-Graduate Diploma in H.R. from Narsee Monjee, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She holds a PhD from Dr D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune.

Living with an Extraordinary Vision:

Dr Arati’s goal is to “Inspire young minds to awaken meaning in life.” She pursues this aim by delivering programs for teachers, families, educational systems, and corporate executives. She provides newly enhanced diverse programs as per the requirements of their clients.

Arati is conducting training to enhance their emotional intelligence skills, which will help them reach their goal, life purpose, and improve emotional vocabulary.

In her research, she experienced that empathy is not a problem in India, but self-empathy is a big issue. So, to overcome this problem, she is constantly working on providing personalized sessions for her clients.

Contribution towards Overcoming the Adversities of the Pandemic:

With the Mindful Heart Consultancy team, Dr Arati took the initiative in this unprecedented time, MHC-COVID19-ACTION. With this initiative, she created a devoted group of psychologists, psychotherapists, and doctors who can provide counselling and psychotherapy to all those requiring the treatments, including underprivileged individuals.

Arati and her team helped almost 3500 frontline warriors as Doctors, Nurses, ward boys, Bank officials, and people from the service industry and Insurance industry. Also, conducted special programs for COVID Warriors: Home Front. (People who were working for and from home.)

After the pandemic, there are many cases who are suffering from–basically, there are ones who are suffering from depression and stress—the stress, as in they don’t know how to shape their careers back again.

Many of them don’t know whether their companies will start again, or some of them don’t know the future of their career—insecurities are on the rise. However, with precise expertise and knowledge, Dr Arati provides personalized therapies for such individuals.

Pearls of Wisdom:

Sharing a piece of advice for those who are undergoing stress, Dr Arati said, “I would tell them that they should not stop.”

She also shared that “They should take small steps every day, and they should not hesitate to go to the therapist or any person whom they feel like they can have faith in and who can help them to shape their career.”

Moreover, people should come forward, especially the youth.

If they are interested, they should achieve their certifications in this niche. They can start their career. So essential vital qualification to have this particular certification is graduation, basically, in any field.

And if they have their graduation in the fields like psychology or business management or biology or any of these kinds of subjects, then that’s added advantage to them. But any person who wants to learn they are welcome.

They can come to us as well. We have crash courses to give them an essential basic idea about coaching, emotional intelligence, and therapies. Interested people can learn it, and they can benefit from this. They can also identify the problems around the society around them and help them out, expressed Dr Arati Suryawanshi.

Awards and Accolades:

With the exceptional services and personalized counselling services, Dr Arati’s Mindful Heart Consultancy is shining in the industry with excellence awards like:

Award of Grant from Six Seconds International and NGO, for her PhD. thesis Research which availed to use SEI Adult Assessments to the tune of $17000.

Samaj Bhushan Puraskar: “Akhil Bhartiya Khandeshi Vikas Mandal,” By Ramesh Patil, IAS. As Khandesh Kanya.

Mental Health Sanjiwani Award: Felicitated by Padma Shree Sucheta Dalal, and by Dr Vandana and Sharad Dhaktode, Om Hospital

Exhibiting Excellence:

Dr Arati was associated with Educational Institutes as Trainer and Coach.

From 2010 to 2013, she worked as a Psychology Lecturer and the Head of Department of the Psychology Dept. with SIES (South Indian Education Societies Arts, Science and Commerce college.) Sion.

She has also worked as a Consultant, Coach, and Trainer at Universal High – Education group with a focus on Arati bringing Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Visionary mind development to teachers and classrooms with personalized training.

The Mindful Heart Consultancy has collaborated with the TATA foundation, JSW foundation, Marico. Industries, Kalyani Brakes, Chetana Systems, Sap Consultants Pune, JNPT Engineers Mumbai, Sainik School Satara etc. to incorporate mindfulness training initiatives in work cultures.

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