DTCP makes License Renewals Tougher for Real Estate Projects

Getting real estate project licenses renewed will become tougher from now as the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is going to seek information about the whole status of work, deployment of labour and whether a serious complaint is pending against the project in the Allottees Grievance Redressal Forum (AGRF). The field offices will also have to submit reports to the headquarters within 10 days after applying for the application for renewal of license is raised by a developer.
Currently, a license for a real estate project is issued for five years. But, thereafter, it will be renewed every two years. The renewal of licences is essential for obtaining the final Occupation Certificate by the developer for crafting the zoning plan and demarcation of the project.
Director, DTCP, has issued the orders, which state that the field offices will have to report their status of development with documents as well as photographs, showing whether development work has been started or not, the total amount of work in progress, the work which has been held up, the work that is to be winded up.
“We are taking it forward from the AGRF that was set up in Gurgaon and heard the complaints of thousands of buyers. I am committed to streamline the realty sector, particularly in Gurgaon where projects have been delayed. This move will also encourage the builders to expedite the development work,” TL Satyaprakash, director of DTCP, said.

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