Duraton Cement: An Advanced Revolution in Indian Cement Industry

Duraton Cement

Duraton Cement is the flagship brand of – Asian Fine Cements Pvt. Ltd, a brand icon in the industry with a rich experience of more than 15 years. With 7 manufacturing units, 9 production lines, 10 MNC business partners and a strong work-force of over 1800 employees, the group has evolved as a customer centric organization and has set a benchmark for its competitors in the industry. Asian Fine Cements Pvt. Ltd. has been an invigorating frontrunner in delivering supply chain and contract manufacturing services for FMCG, building materials, lifestyle, and healthcare industries.
The manufacturing unit at Rajpura, Punjab is a prime example of how innovative technologies can be embraced by the construction industry in the today’s modern era. The company has deployed the most advanced European cement processing technology and is undoubtedly the pioneering stature behind the introduction of such advanced technologies in the country. With an annual capacity of 1.5million ton, the ultra-modern unit is totally mechanized. The company uses robotic technology to ensure optimum quality without any human interference resulting in zero human error.
Creative Visionary Leader
Mr. Satish Sharma is the CEO of Duraton Cement, Asian Fine Cements Pvt Ltd. He had been a part of senior management team in the top cement companies of India.
He has been an iconic leader with proven record of operational leadership, strategy development, customer building, and team building prowess, relationship management skills, and sales generation. He has been acknowledged for his stints in establishing one of the top cement brands in North East market, making it one of the highest selling brands in that region .
He is leading the plant operations and sales of Duraton Cement in North India. His solid experience comes with a strong belief and is pivotal in leapfrogging DURATON Brand to next level of the business growth.
Under his executive leadership, the company is embarking upon a very exciting new phase of journey of growth and development. With an unerring thirty plus years of commitment, a deep passion & an extensive understanding of the industry, it is ensured that all group stakeholders are in sync with group objectives and strategies.
Cutting-Edge Features of Duraton Cement
The key attribute which distinguishes Duraton Cement from the other players is the fact that it has redefined the cement industry with its innovative, updated and most advanced technologies. This is itself the biggest differentiator as the company focuses to deliver ‘intelligent’ solutions to its esteemed clients. It has installed a fully automatic robotic lab from ‘FL Smidth’, Germany, which is able to automate all the critical activities and erase the manual intervention ensuring superior quality cement. The company has designed a comprehensive ‘outside-in’ approach which is an innovative and customer-driven policy. This has enabled the company to create value and design the products, services, and business models as per the needs and requirements of its customer.
Using a two-stage superfine grinding process, the company achieves higher cohesiveness with greater durability. This further assists in strengthening the basic mixture while lowering the usage of water during the manufacturing process. Duraton cement is the only company in India to introduce an innovative ‘vacuum-tight waterproof’ packaging methodology which ensures zero-loss or damage while transportation alongside increasing the shelf life. In order to deliver a world-class customer service, the company has also designed a ‘Duraton Cement Care Van’. This van is manned by a well-trained & qualified Civil engineer & offer services to its clients, directly at the construction site. Backed by a dedicated helpline number, customers also have an option to call and ask questions and get proper technical advice along with guidance from the experts. All these distinctive innovative features and measures implemented by Duraton have assisted the company to stand ahead in the market and maintain its supremacy in the industry.
Delivering the Best Quality Services
In today’s crowded market, competing with numerous cement brands; is the biggest challenge. Amidst this competitive market the company sees an opportunity to make a mark as a customer-centric company. The company is gaining momentum in sales with wide acceptance of the brand in multiple states. The main motto is to deliver quality services to end consumers and by understanding the needs of every cement buyer, the company is delivering nothing less than the best.
It genuinely indicates that the company is on the right track, when the influencers of the industry – architects, contractors & masons share the feedback; as world class quality cement. Such incidents define the brand right from the beginning.
Technologically Advanced Initiatives
The company is working on the project of educating IHB (Individual House Builder), through a series of awareness camps and training modules on good construction practices. Through these the brand educates them on significance of quality & the technological advancements, which have been incorporated in the plant to ensure consistent quality & strength in every bag of Duraton cement they use.
Future Footsteps
As the inception of Duraton Cement itself was on the grounds of being technologically ‘The Most Advanced Cement of India’, the company has ensured to keep the plant fully automatic & follow the best practices. It constantly thrives to bring innovation with the help of technology & bring quality product in the market. The company is evolving at every stage & developing the best quality product. Also, upgrading & improving the technology to support the same. The Company is positively looking ahead to create a position for itself and have committed to become one among the top players in its market.
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