Dyna Biotech: Leveraging Innovation to Achieve Excellence

Dyna Biotech| Dr. Vinodkumar Patil
Dr. VinodKumar Patil | Founder | Dyna Biotech

Over the past years, advanced diagnostic, improved drugs and HealthTech & MedTech innovations have significantly improved life expectancy and the quality of life. Industry experts are expecting significant changes to shake up the healthcare landscape in the next few years.

Few industry experts claim that, we will be soon entering into the era of digitized medicine and well-networked laboratories. They have also predicted that health data will spread across the people and will be pervasive, which will affect both health insurers and medical services Providers.

These upcoming trends have created growth opportunities for many industry participants such as healthcare service providers, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical technology manufacturers.

Recognizing the same, some of the worlds most leading medical device, biopharma and biotech product development firms are at the helm of this ever-changing innovation trail, and Dyna Biotech is leading the way. The company is into design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration, and validation of fermentors, bioreactors, and peripheral systems globally.

A Matter of Precision and Efficiency

Dyna Biotech is faithfully committed and esteemed manufacturer and supplier of world class equipment. It bears the crown of having all the product range from upstream to downstream equipment manufacturing. The company manufactures Biotech equipment like Fermentors, Bioreactors, Process Vessels, Cleaning and sterilization systems, Filter Housings, Microfiltration and ultrafiltration (TFF) Systems and other equipment, all of which are governed by ASME, TUV-NORD, ISO certification and 21 CFR automation guidelines.

At Dyna Biotech, Automation is the connective link of fermentation/ Bioreactor; upstream and downstream system. The company has an in house development team for automation, led by experts. This team has extensive knowledge and experience of making system work remotely. The engineers are responsible for maximum automation and testing of the equipment. The team of Dyna Biotech includes experts in Telecommunications, operation and designing in PLC, HMI, SCADA, DCS, Automation Control Panels, Panel Layout and Maintenance.

Finding and Maintaining Balance

It is now evident that the company occupies the niche of specialized bioreactor manufacturing and automated customized-fermenter and is already leading the industry. However, that is not the prime factor that sets this company apart from other biotech companies. Dyna Biotech constantly strives to achieve balance between the functionality and affordability of its products while prioritizing the efficiency and quality of all the products.

“We ensure healthcare is an inevitable aspect of any society across the globe. And hence we manufacture the world class equipment in affordable cost. This equation is very important, as more affordable you make equipment; more you can ensure the healthcare facility to one and all, “comments Dr. Vinodkumar Patil, the Founder of the company.

The below-mentioned pointers enable the company to achieve the aforesaid goal along with evolving as a globally leading Biotech equipment manufacturer.

  • Making strategic investments in R&D, seeking new applications for the companys existing range of products and driving the expansion and diversification of its product portfolio into new sectors and markets
  • Offering value-added customer service and technical support and to deliver the product on time
  • Constantly and energetically seeking to improve the companys system, reinforcing its dedication for product and process improvement
  • Maintaining a high quality workforce with equal opportunities for all and producing the highest quality products of good validation, quality control and by maintaining standards allowing consistent, reliable and accurate results

Another feature that sets the company apart from other is its client-centric approach. Starting from design, installation, commissioning, production, integration, automation and validation is monitored adhering to the requirements and demands of the clients. The equipment installed in Biopharma industries are the soul of the manufacturing, thus it is a very serious and accountable responsibility for company like Dyna Biotech.

Establishing a Global Presence

American author, Earl Nightingale quoted, Everything begins with an idea and so bringing a paradigm shift in Biotechnology and Biopharma industries globally was the idea of Dr. Vinodkumar Patil and thus he established Dyna Biotech. Although being a Microbiologist by qualification, Dr. Patils experience, vigilance, and meticulous hard work in the field of engineering makes him excel in the field of Biotechnology as well.

He is an expert in antibiotics production, steroid biotransformation, cell culture, vaccine process development, production, scale-up, optimization, validation and product launch. He also has, to his credit the experience of working under the Regulatory guidelines like, FDA, EMEA, cGMP and WHO and is well versed with it.

Under visionary guidance of Dr. Patil, Dyna Biotech has successfully made its presence felt in international markets. The company serves the clients located at countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany and United States. Considering the growing demand, Dr. Patil established an international marketing, sales & service office at Bangkok, Thailand. It is an eight member team along with Dr. Patil constantly strives to achieve the companys goal.

“We strongly believe serving the international market allows generating foreign currency for development of the nation as well as society. This commitment in the sector of healthcare is a valuable compassion of Dyna Biotech team towards the national and international society. This makes us matchless and outstanding above all other players in the domestic & international market,” shares Dr. Patil.

Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

We can thus conclude that this company which started off with a goal of providing predictive and personalized systems and has now emerged as a brand in the market for its automated fermentor, bioreactor products.

However, the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries are always evolving and developing and hence, it is a challenging task to manufacture a Bioreactor, fermentor & other necessary equipment while being par with industry innovations.

However, Dyna Biotech tackles this challenge by sticking to one principle; meeting the demands of its clients on time. Dyna Biotech ensures the ease of manufacturing for its clients. “Our on-time delivery strategy aligned with flawless workmanship & perfect blend of automation makes the equipment unique and innovative. The innovation for Dyna Biotech is continuous process; we are always ready to accept the challenges,” concludes Dr. Patil.

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