Excellent Biotechnologies: A Leading Biotech Industry

Excellent Biotechnologies
Mr. Gulzar, Managing Director, Excellent Biotechnologies

Enzymes, the naturally occurring protein unit in animals and plants are responsible for facilitating a lot of chemical reactions in them. They can be extracted and used for multiple purposes in the healthcare industry and the chemical industry.

Right from helping our body in digestion to helping us do laundry and fight tough stains, enzymes find their use in our daily life, without our realization. Harnessing this power of enzymes and making them a part of our healthcare routine is Excellent Biotechnologies, a Biotech Company with its headquarters in Bengaluru.

Excellent Biotechnologies was founded in 2008 and initially it started with theformulation of Animal Health care products. Later in the year of 2010, it started manufacturing enzymes and is now engaged in manufacturing and marketing of enzymes for Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Animal Health care across the globe.

Catalysing Solutions

Excellent Biotechnologies strives to provide high-quality enzymes. A team comprising of personnel from various disciplines and biotechnologists work towards meeting the customers’ requirements and the objective of continuous improvement in quality. It is majorly manufacturing enzymes for industries like Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Animal Nutrition.

Excellent Biotechnologies has dedicated production facilities, good marketing network and foreign collaborations too. The company has geared up to march ahead in facilitating its consumers with all the latest developments that have taken place in biotech with regards to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Its main products include Bromelain, Serratiopeptidase, Pancreatin, Papain, Pepsin, Diastase and other enzymes.

A Determined Entrepreneur

Things, when done for the first time, might seem mountainous. However, with strong determination and dedication of our time, talent and efforts we can achieve success. It was with such strong determination, hard work and dedication of Mr. Gulzar, the Managing Director, that made Excellent Biotechnologies to reach this level.

The Founder and MD, Mr Gulzar, was born in a remote village Jog, near Sagar in Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. Right from his childhood, he was very fascinated with nature and its science. With this deep interest in nature and curiosity, he started observing the minute details of each and everything around him. He started reading books to gather information about all these and gaining knowledge.

Backed by formal studies and his research, he started making Biotech products with the available sources in a small facility. Looking for clients and convincing them with his products was a difficult task for him. But with his sincere effort and honesty, his products were approved by the companies. His products gave better results practically in the field of poultry. With continuous efforts and hard work, the company grew. The timely improvement and standardization of different products made this company improve and achieve the goals.

The quality of the products he provided in the field of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical was up to the mark. And soon got recognized by the different biotech and pharma companies worldwide. Over a few years, with the teamwork of people working in the company it became successful.

Keeping up with the Standards

Excellent Biotechnologies follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as laid by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in respect of manufacturing and testing of their products. Excellent Biotechnologies is currently Certified with, ISO9001:2015, WHO:GMP, HACCP, Halal and Kosher.

The company gives the best quality products with a minimum margin and some of its products are unique in the market. It is looking forward to increase its production volume to meet the growing clients’ requirements.

Looking at Growth Ahead

Excellent Biotechnologies has grown from a self-funded start-up in 2008 to a 1 Billion organisation with distributors in 48 countries. The journey is far from over as it continues to grow. The company is now in the process of expansion intending to double in size in two years.

Maintaining the quality and standard of products up to customer satisfaction are more important. The company is looking at improvements in products with help of innovation and new technologies. “Achieving success is difficult. But, maintaining it with sincerity is more difficult. Our long-term goal in 10 years is to establish one of the India’s largest Biotech company servicing all aspects of the business world,” shares Mr Gulzar.

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