E-commerce sales skyrocketing due to Coronavirus


E-commerce websites have had a drastic surge since the pandemic started. There had been days when the recurring loses on these websites had led them to be shut down. However, given the current COVID-19 situation, these companies have not just surpassed pre-COVID levels, but have now have increased immensely. According to records, the daily shipment for most of these sites have surpassed over 3 million per day mark.

There has been visible increase in demands that could be said to be holding firm for over the next couple of months. As people continue to social distance and limit their contact with the outside world, the sales of almost all online products has skyrocketed.

Platforms like Amazon India and Flipkart have been seeing 120%-140% growth in their shipments, these numbers have surpassed their respective January and February numbers. These numbers just signify that all of these sites have not just recovered but have accelerated their growth. This could eventually mean a higher rise in salary and prospects for their employees.

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