eCourierz: Elevating the Express Courier Market with Pioneering e-Commerce Solutions


The transportation and logistics industry has undergone several colossal shifts. The rage of digital transformation, the emerging contenders, transforming customer expectations, and advancing business models are few alterations sought after. The companies in the logistics market take determined efforts on delivering a top-grade performance to the customers.
One such company offering convenient courier services is It is a L-SaaS (Logistics Software as a Solution) based platform, which connects various offline and online merchants to different logistics partners. The company is adept in transporting products for its clients in local and global market. It provides an all-in-one-solution for courier companies to connect with e-commerce companies on a single platform. With such impeccable services, it successfully operates in more than hundred cities in India and beyond two hundred countries worldwide. It has more than forty partners across the world, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the shipments.
Persistent Leaders of the Organization
The combination of a quartet never fails to impress. With a motto to decode logistics, Sreenivas Saba, Shivadeep Mahadi, and Shashi Shekar Co-founded eCourierz in 2015. Ajay Kumar accompanied them to assist on the technology front. Previous to eCourierz, this core team had worked as a part of strategic and Integrated Business Development Managers which enabled international shipping, trade, and warehousing. Over the course of time, they identified many unsolved challenges particularly in price discovery, shipping options, and the ease in transacting. In order to comprehend the setbacks, the team of four communicated with a bunch of customers. They realized customers were willing to pay additional amount of money, if the logistics companies were offering utmost solutions. As such, with the help of domain expertise they were always determined to rectify the issues of the customers.
During this period, the e-commerce boom was a catalyst for them to setup their business. With an aim to provide seamless and contoured logistics solutions, the co-founders came together with complementing their strengths to resolve the problem of logistics optimization.
Bestowing Top-Notch Tech Facilities
eCourierz offers the most advanced, accessible, and expert logistics solutions to manage the framework of the e-commerce supply chain. The company delivers tech enabled features like API integrations and Carrier library for Domestic and International shipping. It is far ahead in the race of logistics competitors due to its innovative approach and distinct service offerings. It has effectively augmented logistics with technology, so as to make it easily available for masses. The company recognized the need of the hour and actively incorporated IT solutions to empower numerous sellers and service providers. The company’s logistics cost matrix deals with discounted price, number of shipments and data analytics which are interconnected with each other like a network.
Tackling Hurdles Effectively
Every business has a set of challenges and opportunities to conquer. In the earlier days, the company was facing defiance from logistics players. To overcome this issue, the company showcased a bigger picture of potential business to logistics players. It provided them a platform to enhance its qualities, so as to deliver an excellent blend of solution to customers. The company experienced a low customer base and had fewer shipments rates. But over a period of time, constant efforts of the in-house personnel helped eCourierz to gain momentum and to leverage highly negotiated shipping rates & better services from Carriers.
Evolving with the Logistics Industry
The e-commerce industry has flourished over time. Customers across the globe are expecting an excellent online experience of their products. Due to this, an increased demand is seen in the tech-advancement features of logistics industry. Some of these technologies such as route mapping, tracking vehicles and consolidation of business have undergone a massive development. With the help of these technologies, the unorganized players have high chances to get on track in the logistics market.
Over the period of years, the company has seen some remarkable improvements in domestic e-commerce logistics. The Indian e-commerce works on becoming an export hub. By taking small steps and exploring its options, the company is set to inflate the exports. As the export market grows, there will be a rise in opportunities for international logistics. Presently, the company focuses on the ecommerce sellers with aim to ease their pain in global shipping. It is active in helping sellers to operate globally and also works on expanding its cross border commerce to as many countries as possible.
Facilitating Sellers to Grow Business
The shipment dispatching of any e-commerce sellers is expedited through the multi-carrier shipping solutions. eCourierz has a set of measures like choice, convenience, and cost reduction, which helps the sellers in scaling their business across geographies. The company has successfully catered to more than 5000 sellers. It has built a strong network and has transferred more than a million shipments without any hassles, thereby aiding in reduced costs of shipping management for sellers.
Celebrating a Healthy Workspace 
eCourierz operates with a flat organization structure which provides flexibility in work. With a bunch of young crowd, it has a friendly environment giving individuals freedom to grow to their max potential. The co-founders expressed their views on a healthy working environment and said, “Team with great energy is built, when vision is clear and everyone joins for contribution. We believe in flat organization structure which helps to be always innovative and excel to deliver.”
The Existing Picture of the Logistics Industry
In the recent times, the logistics market looks disjoint. The services of each carrier vary depending on their shipping tendencies. Every carrier has different national, regional, overnight or same-day services accordingly. But the most optimal choice is choosing a smart multi-carrier strategy.
Fast-tracking with Time              
eCourierz is going to assemble its own virtual carrier network (VCaN) by connecting various shipping providers. This AI-driven blockchain solution could be used by the global shipping carriers, which would assist to identify specialized service providers for first mile, line haul and last mile services in the logistics value chain. The company looks forward to serve logistics solutions to 50,000 sellers globally in the near future.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Transport And Logistic Service Providers

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