Ed-Tech Startups Transforming the Indian Education System for Better

Ed-Tech Startups

The technology advancements are paving a creative pathway towards empowering the existing as well as the next-gen. The tech-enabled discoveries are transforming both, teaching and learning. Acknowledging the teacher-student relationship, the Ed-Tech startups are embracing the technology changes and rolling-out prominent solutions for the well-being of the society. These startups are redefining the way teachers and students gather, access, analyse, present and transmit information. Bringing novelties to existence, these are transforming the education system for better.
Gone are the days where education system was being recognized as theoretical, exams-driven, and impractical. Today, the emerging as well as the existing Ed-Tech startups are changing this scenario and providing relevant education in simple yet effective ways. Leveraging digital platforms, these startups are defining the true essence of learning and education. A platform which is accessible for users across India. This implies that the combination of digital media and education is enhancing the distance education along with the cultural preservation. Further, the Ed-Tech startups are blending user experience and analytics and generating profitable learning outcomes.
The changing education game theory is developing newer opportunities which are boosting the civilization.
Breaking the Traditional Barriers
The traditional academic approach dealt with the content that encouraged linear learning – an approach moving from one chapter to the other. Basically humans learn in pieces and have the capabilities to connect these dots, when necessary. Recognizing these loopholes, the Ed-Tech startups are working with the publishing houses, academicians to create content based on the past pedagogy and educational experiences. With a number of inter-disciplinary skills, the startups are attaining interconnections between technology platforms, influencers, educators, publishers, administrators and learners. This in turn is enhancing the critical thinking instead of forcing steps from a textbook. These tech-enabled startups are developing content that empowers the student-teacher relationship, especially at the school level.
Currently, the education system is a book, which is full of chapters showcasing personalised assessments, VR content, parent engagement, gamification, soft skills development, and digital libraries. Student networking, test preparation, procurement marketplaces, learning analytics, language tools, internship location, and real-time scenario engagement are also some of the key areas, where the Ed-Tech startups are benchmarking their presence.
The Practical Approach
Nowadays, the educational institutes, especially schools opts an interactive educational product which stimulates the sensory system by staging a playful atmosphere for movement. Thanks to the Ed-Tech startups which are enhancing collaboration and teamwork among students, right from the beginning with a practical approach. As such, the students can easily remember and recall things – they just have to replicate their experiences and improve on it.
The digital products initiated by these startups boost the teachers to conceptualize and create simulated games that support learning. This helps the students to interact with the stimulations – via a motion sensor (using hands and feet) – and solve the games. These games are a pathway to encourage students’ collaboration at right age. On the other hand, the Ed-Tech startups also cherish epistemic games – students play various roles like engineers, city planners, reporters, public administrators, judges and so on, to create awareness in them about the real-world problems. Further, the startups are working at an exponential rate in providing these solutions to schools and other educational institutes in order to help the students learn important real-time concepts.
Going Hand-in-Hand
The digital learning is adding various colors to the learning and training process. But, the significance of humans in education system cannot be understated. The Indian Ed-Tech startups are building a perfect blend of online and offline learning – augments human connect between the teacher and the students, and yet automating and personalizing the experience. This enables the teachers to be a mentor rather than being an administrator. Furthermore, this imparts the students with their own independent perspective about the education. It influences the children at every level with the virtues of trust, safety, ethics, relevance and focus in cyberspace.
Future with Ed-Tech Startups
It is necessary for a student to develop a learning-based creative thinking to withstand the future challenges. The Ed-Tech startups are all set to nurture the students’ life with problem solving skills, abilities to deal with high level of stress and expectations as well as professional values and ethics. Keeping-up the same momentum, these startups are just at the right position to dismantle the future educational challenges. This is a way towards achieving better literacy rate in the coming years.
The future with Ed-Tech startups would present a scenario which would help students in collaborative activities, ranking, and asking questions, not just answering them! The Ed-Tech startups are definitely a way to bring high-end education and learning to the masses with comparatively lower cost. The Ed-Tech transformations are the rays of hope for creating diversified opportunities for a better future. All in all, these startups are one of the key factors in shaping the Indian youth and workforce in the coming decades

Rahul Niraj

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