Emerging Technologies, Crisis, Revolutions Currently Prevailing in the Current Industry Environment

Emerging Technologies
Mr. Amit Bhatnagar | Founder and Director | Accuster Technologies Private Limited

– by Amit Bhatnagar, Founder and Director, Accuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

At the moment, Mankind has already witnessed a gigantic change in Technology enlargements, and almost each one of us knows how to communicate digitally and can use technology to make our lives easier. Technology has certainly made our lives better and changed the way we function. Where, health tech is the restraining and restoration, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and devices, medical procedures, and the systems where health is protected and maintained. Health technologies are brought at almost all levels of the health care structure from the basic to the ultramodern. Healthcare, being the most substantial industry has also undergone an enormous change which has its pros and cons.

Emerging Technologies in Healthcare and their impact

Healthcare tech and innovations, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual reality /AR (Augmented reality), 3D-printing, robotics or nanotechnology is helping us with the simulations of real-world scenarios and to communicate from where we are. I always believe that AI has the potential to restructure healthcare totally. AI calculations are able to excavate medical files and records, design treatment plans or create drugs faster than any healthcare medical professional.

Virtual reality (VR) is changing the lives of patients and medical professionals; VR is used now to provide training to future surgeons and surgeons and doctors to practice surgeries. Augmented reality differs from VR in two aspects: the user does not lose the touch with reality which puts info into eye-sight quickly. These two different features allow AR to become a leading force in the future of medicine; both on the healthcare providers and the receivers’ side. As the future of healthcare is nearly associated with the empowerment of individuals as well as patients taking care of their health through technologies, I cannot miss out on health wearables, sensors and trackers, from my selection. These wearables are undoubtedly great devices to know more about our health and retake control over our own lives. The future of healthcare lies in working hand-in-hand with tech and healthcare professionals have to appreciate and embrace emerging healthcare technologies to stay relevant in the coming times. I believe this is the only way to keep going forward.

Expected Crisis

Technology has always come up with its advantages and disadvantages. In the coming days because of the continued use of the advanced level of technology, people might lose trust which they build with the medical professionals through repeated meetings and the actual medical encounter. The bond between a patient and his/ her provider has been inviolable. Discussing the personal details of one’s life requires trust, which takes time and a series of in-person interactions to build. This is true in health care, where some of life’s happy and worst moments involve a doctor. The human touch and senses should not be underestimated and are unlikely to happen via smart devices and smartphones or any gadgets. This may affect the technology in the future or now for that matter.

Malfunctioning of Equipment: The biggest point of crisis of technology is when technology just doesn’t work. Technology is no doubt very useful and makes life easier and better, but when it fails, it can derail the entire work. This is true for institutions and organizations that are dependent on technology for their entire functioning. With this kept in mind, one needs to make sure that they have someone ready and accessible to fix any technical problems that may occur along with a backup.

Revolutionary Changes currently prevailing in Healthcare Industry

Technology can only improve our lives if we stand on its shoulder and if we are (at least) two steps ahead of it, and if we cling to this, the coordination and cooperation between people and tech may result in amazing achievements. One of the revolutionary changes currently prevailing in the healthcare industry is MMU’s (Mobile medical unit) as many years back it was hard to get access to on time diagnostics because of the absence of medical centers in remote areas. Now, with the help of MOBILE LAB that can go till doorsteps, one can now have access to medical facilities anytime within the area of their comfort. Another Revolutionary change is IoT (Internet of things), a network of connected devices, along with the internet and the cloud, enables for a satellite exchange of data. Transferring this data is very easy and suitable.

The point of understanding is that it does make our lives better and easier. The point to remember is that we should use our own human intelligence with tech for positive outcomes. If health care professionals keep this in mind, there’s no limit to how far the field can expand.

About the author

Mr. Amit Bhatnagar, Founder and Director, Accuster Technologies Private Limited has done his B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT-Roorkee, Masters from Penn State University, USA. He quit his plush job in Hollywood’s famed Universal Studios and came back to India with a shear vision to create an impact and serve the nation. A serial entrepreneur, he has designed a portable laboratory & Lab on Bike (LaBike).

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