Krsnaa Diagnostics: Taking the Indian Healthcare Paradigm to the Next Level 

Krsnaa Diagnostics
Pallavi Jain | Managing Director | Krsna Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd

The current healthcare space has not seen this sort of pandemic situation before. The world has witnessed the conditions like these almost 100 years back and that leaves no traces of experience to the current generation to tackle such a situation. The main challenge all the healthcare service providers face today due to the outbreak of Covid-19 is having the right people to do the right job round the clock without getting themselves infected.

Also, the healthcare institutions are facing a lot of problems in procuring the right quantities of supplies as there has been a worldwide shortage of materials. The working conditions are tough, and it seems that care providers need a lot of motivation to take lead and keep going in spite of severe fund crunches and challenging working conditions due to the nationwide lockdown.

“We have extended our support to the nation and have stretched our finances, manpower, improved AI technology to increase capacity. We have put in all our innovative genes to make the situation manageable,” says the team of Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. “I proudly call out to my entire team that they did a fantastic job and they got us through this situation with courage and performed way beyond anybody’s expectations,” says Pallavi Jain, the Managing Director of the above-mentioned chain of diagnostics center.

Genesis of Krsnaa Diagnostics

The journey of Krsnaa Diagnostics started in December 2010, with an aim to improve medical diagnostics to world class levels and introduce a whole spectrum of services at affordable rates. Along with this, grew the philosophy of Let’s do good, as a promise to ensure that every associated person contributes to the well-being and good health of the society.

“From starting our journey in a tier two city in Maharashtra, today we have evolved as one of the best and fastest growing medical diagnostics chains in India,” says the team of Krsnaa Diagnostics. The chain of diagnostics services enables pathology and radiology services spread across 14 states of India and at 1500 plus locations along with having 24×7 availability throughout the year with zero compromise on delivery of quality healthcare services.

Annually, the company delivers approximately:

  • 7 lakhs scans of CT & MRI,
  • 60 Lakh scans of X-Ray,
  • 30 lakh Pathology Tests

With the help of a team of 200 plus highly skilled and talented Radiologists, Pathologists and other Clinicians along with best-in-class equipment procured from world leaders, Krsnaa Diagnostics is enabling the best evidence-based treatment for millions of patients across the country. It is revered amongst the topmost laboratories in India. Krsnaa Diagnostics provides tele-radiology services and is the largest tele-radiology service provider in India today connecting every corner of this nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The company has set up multiple NABL accredited and ICMR Approved Pathology Laboratories at various locations across India with all the required equipment setup in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology including RT-PCR Machines for current COVID Testing. It uses AI developed work cycle to do a timely reporting and connect the best doctors spread across the nation to the masses.

Dynamics of Krsnaa Diagnostics

Krsnaa has bestowed its philosophy of ‘Let’s do good’ within all its associates and employees. It has created a culture of empathy and compassion. With this approach the team of Ksnaa Diagnostics promises that every associated person with them would contribute their part to the wellbeing of the society touching over 10 million lives annually and winning awards and accolades for providing qualityoriented diagnostics to even remote locations.

Further, its equipment is best in class and procured from world leaders like Wipro GE, Siemens, Philips, Thermofisher Scientific, and Abott etc. The doctors and technicians are well trained and highly qualified to do the job but at the same time they are also welcoming and believe in world class patient care. “They treat the patients with love, and anything done with love makes it unique, isn’t it?” asks Pallavi joyfully.

As a famous world leader once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” there could not be a more opportune moment for Krsnaa Diagnostics as a company and more appropriately as citizens, to contribute to the nation’s efforts. The company is offering its support and assistance to the government’s healthcare efforts.

Krsnaa Diagnostics provided free testing for the needy and donated masks, sanitizers and ventilators to various organizations and frontline workers on a large scale. As a partner to the government, its team feels very fortunate to be associating with governments of various states of India.

The most appreciated innovation it pioneered during this pandemic was establishing a fleet of COVID -19 Test Buses with AI for various locations to provide the testing services on the go to the densely populated urban areas and remote areas where healthcare services are not easily accessible. This mobile facility is based on indigenous technology and is the first vehicle of its kind in the country and across the globe.

It had been setup to provide screening facility to people living in hotspots and proved to be very helpful for a faster mass screening. The Bus is based on indigenous technology and with on-board AI-based tele-radiology and contactless swab collection. “Further, we developed AI based software for faster reporting and distribution of reports,” states Pallavi.

Leading the Care Conglomerate

Krsnaa Diagnostics’ Chairman’s vision for the company sprung from two tipping points:

  • ‘Giving back what we owe to the society’ – This inherently was just not enough for him as he wanted to bring in sterling human values into the business and spread goodness.
  • Secondly, within the realm of healthcare, medical diagnostics was yet underdeveloped in the first decade of 21st Century. He identified the gap and wanted to bridge it for better.

“It is a great honour for me to be one of the founding members of Krsnaa Diagnostics. It was our dream to see Krsnaa where it is today and watching Krsnaa grow makes me feel grateful to the almighty for helping us in every possible way to achieve this,” shares Pallavi.

“We at Krsnaa are a family of more than 2500 people and this makes me feel proud to have such a large family,” she adds further. Since the inception, Krsnaa has been like a child to Pallavi and nobody has ever had words to express the satisfaction and happiness a mother feels watching her child grow.

Pallavi believes it is her social responsibility as a founding member of the company to do every possible thing to create value to the nation in terms of providing people quality service even at odd hours and keep the ball rolling. “The journey here has been fantastic and what I am today is all because of what Krsnaa could become today,” states Pallavi.

Currently present in 14, the company is planning to spread across all the states of India. It is mostly into public-private partnership (PPP) sector but now the team of Krsnaa Diagnostics is associating with private hospitals and have already tied up with over 1000 private hospitals.

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