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eMsys Solutions
Mr. Rajeshwar Chaudhari, Director, eMsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Dealers, as well as enterprise level organizations in automobile sector, have faced many problems with delivering the best level of management and customer relationship management that they used to deliver before the pandemic interrupted the flow of the IT companies.

In search of India’s Most Trusted CRM Companies in 2021, based on the current needs of the IT companies, we have come across the eMsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is the IT solution company that provides outstanding DMS, and CRM software designed according to the today’s needs of the IT sector.

eMsys is also developing solutions like Web Based Spare Parts, Web-Based AutoNet DMS, Manufacturing ERP, Pharma C and F agents ERP Solutions, and Inventory Management Solution that add value to the company’s services.

Dynamics of eMsys

The company was founded in 1994, with the aim of automating workflow at dealers and automotive industries in both small and medium enterprises. The company focuses on converting business ideas into well-defined solutions and deliver customized solutions to its clients. eMsys specializes in software applications development with innovative IT solutions.

The company has extensive experience by effectively serving various clients in India, meeting their needs from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations. eMsys involves research and development use in web development, mobile applications and integration, programming, along with testing and consulting.

The company has worked with clients across industries for distribution including government and public sector organizations, insurance sector, travel agencies, retail, finance, and hospitality.

eMsys has complete software development and maintenance centre in Nashik and Pune, and Sales office in Mumbai.

A Dynamic Leader

Mr. Rajeshwar Chaudhari, Director at eMsys Solutions Pvt Ltd, have vast experience of 4 decades in designing technology products for Automobile Industry. The journey starts from designing application in DoS Based Platforms to complete web applications.

Mr. Rajeshwar has worked keenly on implanting key solutions for Automobile industry (Tractors, 2 wheelers, 4 Wheelers, Spare parts etc).

He is also one of the key members of technological transformation programme for Auto Dealers in India. He has plan to help upcoming EV industry companies and dealers to set up cost effective IT eco systems as per current market need.

The company made its venture into CRM space, for the need of a technologically advancement and cost-effective solutions as it is need of an hour, vast experience in auto Industry, Easy UI and UX, and Automation enabled CRM are very few in Indian market.

Offering for its clients 

The company provide variety of offering for its clients in IT solutions like, to track a record of organization, smooth sales cycle, and service cycle, increasing customer program, increasing satisfaction level form client, Provide technical support. The company have four main products that company offers to its clients, which are WagonAlly, AutoNet DMS, Bridging Solutions, and Furniture CRM.


The key feature of ‘WagonAlly’ is that – Integration with your DMS, Get Consolidated Data Branch and Location Wise, Record Client Communication, Android app integration, Notifications and alerts, Daily Reports, Dashboards and Analysis.

AutoNet DMS

The 2nd product is ‘AutoNet DMS’ its features are complete automation and integration of all modules, flexible and scalable, cost effective to optimize the clients IT investments, powerful and informative reports, third party integration, mobile interface for enquiry, and job creations.

Bridging Solutions

The 3rd product is ‘Bridging Solutions’, its key feature is that it mainly focuses on bridging the data from the Autonet DMS solution to company portals.

The main objective of this solution is to save repetitive work and the time of people working in the dealerships.

It ensures that the clients time and cost is being saved. While transferring the data to other applications bridging solution ensures right data is transferred.

Furniture CRM

The fourth product is ‘Furniture CRM,’ and its key feature is that this CRM is developed for furniture dealers who can easily track and maintain the leads into a very systematic way.

The CRM is very helpful for sales and the top management. This CRM is enabled with the latest technology features which makes it very easy for the sales team to work on and the management gets the desired results.

Client can maintain their leads at one place and know the status of every lead on the Go, the CRM solution also helps the management to understand the productivity of the sales team.

The company has faced multiple challenges while entering the CRM sector, some of the measure factors were – Defining clear objectives, choosing the right system, budget and profitability, and consistency of communication.

Vision to succeed

Company have vision for its long run to succeed its future goals and had accordingly made plans to embrace the changes happening in the industry.

The eMsys Solutions will collaborate company level DMS for a future electric vehicle (EV) segment, will have standardize and codify key software project concepts and terminology, and a Plan to embrace the changes happening in the industry like Android application, IOS application, to develop specific format to import a data, and automatic data transfer their company DMS to clients CRM.

To succeed its future vision the company has planned its upcoming solutions that will add value to its automobile business solution like – Web Based Spare Parts, Web Based AutoNet DMS, Manufacturing ERP, Pharma C and F agents ERP Solutions, and Inventory Management Solution.

Web Based Spare Parts

The Web Based Spare Parts is being developed for the spare parts dealers and distributors. It is a complete best solution enabled with latest features and analytical tools which will help the dealers to synchronise their business more effectively on our solution.

The solution will have the inventory management and accounting related to this, and a detailed reporting structure is being designed which will make the life of the management very easy.

Web Based AutoNet DMS

The Web Based AutoNet DMS is the web version of Autonet DMS. Company firmly believe that the Auto next will play very important role in the DMS segment it will not only help the dealer to grow their business but also be a supporting backbone of growth.

It will be equipped with all the latest features. The company is also planning to come up with a multi-language reporting and communication option from Autonet.

Manufacturing ERP

The company is about to come up with manufacturing ERP, which will have the competitive edge in today’s world. This ERP is being developed by keeping in mind the constantly changing requirements of the modern industry.

The solution will cater manufacturing industries from various sectors. This will be integrated soon and would be designed keeping in mind the evolution of industry 4.0.

Key features of Pharma C and F agents ERP Solutions is that it is being designed by keeping all the aspects of wholesale and distribution market for the pharma dealers in mind. Its features include Pharmacies Accounting, Billing, Inventory, Barcode, and Complete Pharma shop management.

Key Features of the Inventory Management Solution is that it has all the latest features of artificial intelligence and the detailed reporting structure, and it will make the use of solution, easier for the end user.

It consists of all the models in one, that user will would associate with the inventory management solution. The voice assistant feature also plays key role in this sector. Its features aslo include Accounts integrated and Provision to Connect RFID module for Tracking.

The current industrial scenario of the Indian CRM space is, the Basic Customer Database, Advent of Email Automation, Inside sales, Telephony & CRM, and Mobile CRM – Enterprise to Personal that are very well provided by the eMsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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