Quest Global Technologies: Yeilding Excellence through CRM Solutions

Quest Global Technologies
Mr. Alok Agrawal, Co-Founder & Director; Mr. Mohit Sood, Director and Mr. Romil Jain, Co-Founder & Director, Quest Global Technologies

Expanding businesses before the inception of CRM was a lot more hassle than it is today. CRM solutions with its roots in personalized optimization, gives businesses increased profitability and reach as the client-centred business technology improves the customer’s experience by lengths, which results into them making lifetime business relations with the organization.

Providing such cutting-edge CRM solutions is Quest Global Technologies an award-winning company. Headed by Mohit Sood as the Director and Negotiator-in-chief, the company is situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

In the following interview we explore how Quest GLT successfully assisted many big corporations to increase their efficacy and improve their customer relations through technologies like blockchain, and salesforce, etc.

Describe about your company in detail. 

Quest GLT was incorporated in 2013 and is now India’s leading software consulting firm. Our software services have become the backbone for innumerable Billion Dollar Organizations. We provide a quality driven approach towards web, software and mobile app development via ERP and CRM.

We offer wide range of software services to our clients looking for customized software solutions. We are a one stop destination for all your software requirements. Our dynamic approach and vibrant work culture provide enthusiasm to every member of our team. We use collaborative technology to transform our clients’ ideas into innovative websites, software, and designs.

We at Quest GLT believe in delivering quick and efficient IT solutions to help you scale up your business effectively. We believe in long-term partnerships and all our clients have been with us from start to finish. Whether you have your ideas or want to validate an idea, we are always there to help you. Our ready-to-use solutions are robust yet simple to use and have very fast turnaround times. Since the systems are already tested and already used by several clients, you do not have to worry about technology!

We are trusted advisers to our clients. We believe in tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We deliver complete client satisfaction because of our result driven and time bound strategic approach. Our team of professionals have experience and unparalleled expertise in all the essential sectors.

What made you venture into the CRM Space?

The world is changing and so are the needs of the businesses. In order to cater to the needs of these growing businesses and help them acquire and retain their customers to stay ahead in market, it is very important for a business to understand their client.

Today in this digital world there are multiple platforms from where you can get customers, but the important part is to maintain a long-term relationship with them. This is only possible if the business has all the insights about their customer like purchase history, purchasing pattern, purchasing power etc. Therefore, to fulfil this requirement and to make even the small businesses grow bigger, we decided to put in our decades of experience to create such tools that manage everything from lead qualifications to deal closures.

What kind of offerings do you provide to your clients?

We provide customized, highly engineered, and most effective solutions to our clients from the respective industries such as E-commerce, Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Real Estate. We have deep knowledge of implementing various end-to-end projects, spread across industries.

Since its inception, we have been delivering automation solutions to clients across the globe. We have served award-winning global giants and assisted them in fulfilling their concept, cryptocurrency setup, salesforce customization, ERP implementation, CRM, mobility solutions, gaming applications, and we have mastered them all. Our experts guide you throughout the entire project to save operational costs and maximize returns.

What kind of challenges have you faced while entering the CRM sector?

While entering the CRM sector we realised that most of the business organizations were still using the traditional methods and techniques of pursuing prospective clients. They were focusing more on getting new clients rather than retaining the existing ones.

Many small businesses were not ready to automate their processes as they thought that it would be a very expensive affair and only the big businesses could afford the automation. Also, in some instances employees were reluctant to any changes in their existing scope of work or adoption of new technologies.

Where do you envision your company to be in the long run and what are your future goals? How do you plan to embrace the changes happening in your industry?

The world is becoming digital and the way of doing business has also transformed, especially after this pandemic. It is the need of the hour for every business whether big or small, to retain & acquire new customers. Keeping this in mind and the kind of solutions that we have developed to overcome this existing problem we feel that our company would also grow and prove our tagline to be their ‘Partner in Success’.

We see that there is a great scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can be integrated in our existing solutions to provide more precise insights about the leads and customer behaviours which could be the game changer for closing the deals.

IT industry is all about ‘Innovation’ and finding a right solution to deal with the current challenges that various industries are facing.  With our adoption to new technologies such as Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence we believe that we will be able to serve the changing needs of the industry and will have the fast mover’s advantage as well.

What is the current industrial scenario of the Indian CRM space?

The concept of CRM is growing rapidly in India and will continue to grow and evolve in the upcoming years.

CRM platforms are playing a vital role in India’s market space now more than ever because of the integration of artificial Intelligence, machine learning and analytical platform in CRM. With this technological advancement CRM tools can now help your business know your clients better, increase customer engagement, give better analysis, and help in managing data efficiently.

Another advancement in CRM platforms is its incorporation with social media. It is now allowing organisations to easily connect with the customers and build brand awareness and is also helping to discover potential clients.

CRM Platforms are now being considered one of the biggest software markets in India and also in the world.




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