Enviro India: An Integrated Facility Management Service Company

Enviro India | Gaurav Bhalla
Mr. Gaurav Bhalla | MD, Enviro India

The below excerpt is an exclusive interview with team Enviro India (EI) showcasing their distinctiveness and curated acumen which helps them in being ahead of all.
IS: Kindly brief us about the Company – inception and the overall journey to date.
Team EI: Enviro came to origin 20 yrs ago from today. It started with delivering Facility services to some of its own projects which were Vatika INXT and Vatika City. With its operational prowess, it gained considerable attention from the businesses around. With time, Enviro was approached by big brands like Mapsco, Carrier, Bharat Petroleum and more, that served as a spring board to its journey and lifted its name up in the market. This is when Enviro started gaining rapt attention and bagged more projects to serve, while it also expanded its wings to the other parts of the country. Today Enviro is delivering advanced Integrated Facility Management Services in more than 115+ sites to 8 major cities in the country. This has been made possible by means of 4000+ employees on rolls that ensure quality services as their first priority.
IS: Please tell us something about your Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the company and the industry (kindly include his quality traits, quotes etc.)
Team EI: Mr. Gaurav Bhalla – The MD of the Vatika Group plays a dominant role in fostering Enviro’s growth. It is through his tireless efforts that Enviro sees a direction to move forward and leave a mark in its domain. His emphasis on Technology has made Enviro a strong player in the market. There is Enviro App, which was launched 8 years ago.
Mr. Gaurav Bhalla is an extremely humble, well learned and distinguished person, who has been the lamp in the dark for thousands of employees at Vatika.
IS: Kindly describe in detail about the services and products you provide that sets you apart.
Team EI: Enviro provides technical maintenance services which include: EDG Operation and Maintenance, Lifts and Elevator maintenance, CCTV & Gate Barrier System, Backup Power Supply, Water and Fire Pumps & Parking Management. Additionally it also has building soft services and business support services that include: Waste Management, Pest Control Services, Landscaping and Horticulture, Facade Cleaning, Environment, Health and Safety, Preventive Management Inventory Control, Vendor Management and Procurements, AMC / Warranty / Insurance Management.
Enviro also provides periodic trainings to its staff members in order to sharpen their skills and make sure the staff on field has a ready plan to fight any crisis as and when they occur.
IS: Enlighten us about the vision and mission of Company?
Team EI: Our vision is to be the best integrated facility management service provider in the country, while we also aim to seek a fourfold growth in the years to come. Our mission is to change the face of facility management services and introduce them as the back bone of infrastructures without which, a framework is nothing but an empty vessel.
IS: Tell us about the notable milestones or some notable awards/achievements the Company has received so far.
Team EI: Enviro has been awarded as the best company to work for in 2019, it was also awarded as the best facility management provider in its legacy in 2018 by ET NOW. Recently, Enviro has also been recognized as the best FM Tech innovations provider of the year.
IS: How are you fighting the challenges in terms of emerging market players and competitive costs?
Team EI: We keep ourselves akin to the latest happenings in and around the world. It is very important for us to constantly thrive for better procedures and supporting technologies that help in reducing our response time to any request or exigency. We recently launched Enviro App 2.0
It won’t be wrong to say that our metacognition reveals our strengths and weaknesses that we ensure to truthfully improvise in order to stand out from the rest. Our strategy is to take the technological innovations little by little and slowly inculcate them in our system for everyone to have a fair transition. This is how we maintain the sanity of our procedures and don’t blow up the finances considering the Indian market may not be super ready for everything at once.
IS: What are your strategies to maintain hassle-free work environment and measures for employee development in your line of work?
Team EI: We believe in the power of flexibility and provide ample opportunities to our staff to learn and grow. Keeping that in mind, we have Flexi timing in place. Wherein employees can come in between 8-10am and leave accordingly at 5-7pm.
The work environment at Enviro is extremely conducive and friendly. To make it even better we organize quarterly team outings, celebrate all festivals with full enthusiasm, organize events for everyone to join in and also provide recognition to our employees via periodic Rewards and recognition ceremonies.
IS: To what extent has technology impacted the Facility Management Service Providers segment? How do you embrace innovation and technology in your Company?
Team EI: Technology has a huge impact on the way facility services are run. In a digital world like today, there’s little scope to wait. Being in the FM Industry, we have to be on our toes and have a hawk eye vision to address any circumstances, good or bad. This is only achievable by means of the latest technologies that are specifically crafted for this purpose. We try to match our steps with the latest offerings in our field. To name a few owned by us, we have a Visitor management system, automated gate barrier system, a detailed control room plan, proper cctv monitoring backed by emergency exit plans that are uniquely designed keeping in mind its blueprint of each building. We have developed custom products like e-More for daily reporting from all commercial buildings. Succhi for governance in residential societies.
IS: Please tell us about your viewpoint on the latest trends in the Facility Management market. How are you keeping up with it?
Team EI: Facility management market is doing a great job with introducing drones for roof top inspection, sensor technology for energy management and using predictive maintenance methods of monitoring electrical appliances. Enviro has followed the footsteps of these trends, and is proactively involved in predictive maintenance for its processes. It is playing a vital role in monitoring indoor technologies to serve the occupants well e.g. controlling the temperature and monitoring the energy consumption by identifying vacant spots in the building.
Enviro has also stepped forward to take ahead the Swachh Bharat campaign wherein it elucidates the importance of a clean and green environment and educates all individuals on how to achieve this goal.
IS: According to you, what are the essential elements of a successful business relationship in today’s business environment?
Team EI: In our opinion, Authenticity and identifying Shared Goals and Values form the concrete foundation to a business relationship.
It is important for one to first identify their core business values and act in accordance to nurture a successful business relationship for mutual benefits.
IS: What are your views on the emergence of Facility Management startups, especially in the last decade?
Team EI: Facility management start ups are beginning to change the face of frameworks. The last decade has seen the rise of convenience facilities that were never seen before. With rising awareness of Facility management within people, their expectation also increases manifolds. Thus for a start up should have the right people, the right bend of mind to adapt and change as no two clients are same.
IS: What are your future plans for the company? Where do you see the company in the years to come?
Team EI: The facility management industry is expected to grow by US$ 2,175.32 Bn by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 14% from 2017 to 2025. At such a fast growth rate, Enviro plans to match steps with the emerging FM trends and take first hand initiative in driving about a change that introduces facility management services as a boon for all frameworks.
It is our vision to have Enviro serve the country with its quality services and evoke a spark of change in the way FM is looked at.

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