Esto Internet: Leading the Market with Innovation and Adaptability

Founder |Esto Internet [Rahul Makhija]
Rahul Makhija | Founder | ESTO INTERNET

As per an independent report, India had approx 566 million internet users as of December 2018. The numbers are projected to touch 627 million internet users by the end of 2019. Whereas, a decade ago in 2009, India had only 95 million Internet users. Lots of people are moving towards digitization at work and home. A big thanks to the Government who is pushing toward “Digital India”, the adoption rate is at its highest. , 10 years ago, the ‘fastest’ broadband connection available in the market had 4Mbps of peak speed, but today 1Gbps of speed on a broadband connection is not very rare, which is roughly 250 times faster. So, definitely, a lot has changed and has changed for good.
Emphasizing on the faster broadband connection, one such leading providers of Information Technology services, Esto Internet started their operations in 2009 from a small town in Panchkula, Himachal Pradesh.
Esto Internet is one of the most dependable organization, providing impeccable service, premium products and comprehensive solutions to the customers. The company  started with the mission  to bring quality services and solution and implementation of international standards, comparable with global service providers. Today, the company is committed to achieving excellence in communication development, for SMEs to large enterprises.
A Dynamic Duo
The company is directed by the brother duo, Manish Makhija and Rahul Makhija. Both of them are very well experienced entrepreneurs in their respective field. Manish is having a decade of experience in business management, while Rahul is profound in technical aspect with experience of about 13 years in the field of computers & IP networks including internet connectivity. Under the leadership of the founders, the company has grown to be one of the fastest-growing Internet service providers.
The management of the company expresses their gratitude especially to the whole team for their valuable inputs and hard work. With the support of their team members, they have spread their network across 100+ town and cities in the nation. 
Adapt the Latest Technologies before others even Realize!
With the unique feature of adapting the latest technologies ; innovation is in the DNA of Esto Internet. It provides end-to-end managed data services to include Data Connectivity, equipment and managed network services to meet all data connectivity requirements of customers.
Even on the pricing front, it keeps on coming up with the innovative ideas that no-one has thought of. Recently, it has introduced the Flexi-prepaid plan, which doesn’t need a monthly commitment. Users can buy data as and when required and enjoy high-speed internet as long as the data in their account last. And, this is one of the ever best services it offers.
Ongoing Projects
As per “The Global Internet Phenomena Report” released in October 2018, 58% of the total internet traffic is only video streaming. This trend is continuously on the rise;  thanks to the increasing internet penetration and the decreasing cost of data. Now, Esto Internet has taken this responsibility to fulfill the demand of the customer. And, that’s exactly what the company is working on these days.
Also, it is building solutions to take care of the OTT (over-the-top) video streaming needs of its customers. Apart from OTT, it is also working on providing live TV services for its customers.
Bringing Transformation
In today’s time when users are demanding for speed higher than ever when everyone is running out of time and every millisecond matters, Esto Internet is focusing on bringing the content closer to the user. The closer the content is the lesser time it’ll take to download a file relative to some file of the same size which is hosted somewhere on another continent, even with “same internet speed”; this is the exact idea it is focusing on.
In the same effort of reducing the distance between users and the content, Esto Internet has joined hands with Canonical-the organization behind Ubuntu Linux and hosted Ubuntu’s country mirrors on its infrastructure. This has saved multiple Gbps of international traffic for the country and improved the user’s experience a lot.
Duo’s Advice for Newbies
“All I can say is, if you want to survive in the market, you need to keep yourself with the evolving technology and trends. Which might seem hard given how fast the industry is evolving, but if you stay focused, you can achieve what might look like unachievable. And, understanding the user’s needs and complying with them beforehand is the key to success”-stated the founding brothers.
Exciting Future
With IoT and artificial intelligence picking pace, in the coming few years, things are going to be completely different than they’re today. Internet will be used at places, no one can even imagine at this stage. As more and more devices are getting connected, a whole world of new opportunities is going to be open and Esto Internet is on its path to grab them.
As Esto Internet has always been agile in realizing the future and adapt to it ahead of time; today, it is already on its expansion spree and sees a very bright future for itself.

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