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Dr. Javeed Siddiqui | MD | KENSTAR WEB SOLUTIONS|Internet Services[Dr. Javeed Siddiqui]
Dr. Javeed Siddiqui | MD | KENSTAR WEB SOLUTIONS

Incorporated in the year 2007, Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  aims to provide quality solutions in the field of Information Technology and ITeS.
Currently operating only in Maharashtra , the company has been consistent in providing faster internet at economical price while maintaining reliability through its customized plans designed as per the need and budget of the customer.
The Beginning
Kenstar began its journey by starting Business Process Outsourcing services with clients mainly from the United States and United Kingdom. It than expanded to provide Web design and development services to its clients abroad.
The Information Technology boom in India began in early 2010 and it kept on growing year-on-year. As there were huge technological changes and transformations in both homes and corporate sector, there was a need for high speed and stable Internet services. Looking at this opportunity and with an intention to cater Indian customers, Kenstar Web Solutions entered into business of providing quality and reliable Internet Services through Wireless Technology in the beginning of 2013. It received a very good response in this field and then the company began to provide faster internet services by implementing the Fiber network through GEPON. The company kept on investing heavily in its IT Infrastructure by procuring latest Routers, Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches from brands like Cisco and Juniper as well as at the client end devices.
One Step Ahead 
The company deployed highly advanced technology equipment, firewalls, routers and manageable switches at backbone as well as at the client end; hence, today over 75% of its satisfied clients are on it’s fast wireless network, remaining 25% on ultra-fast Fiber network.
This helped Kenstar to achieve 99.5 percent up-time in broadband services (almost likes of Leased Line Services). Unlike other ISP providers who misguide clients by offering lucrative plans and half information, Kenstar delivers what’s promised and even guarantees money back offer if services are not up to the mark.
The Maestro Managing Director
The urbane grandee of 21st century, Dr. Javeed Siddiqui has modernized the Aurangabad state with the endowment of the fastest speed internet. Javeed has done Post-doctorate in Information Technology and owns commendable experience of more than two decades and owns supplementary Certification of MSCE, CCNP, MCITP and ITIL. His diligence and sagacity has turned a petite company into a super hit success. The company is enjoying the privilege to be among the top ten prominent Companies of India.
From five lakh initial investment to forty million current capital, the company has thrived multi-folds and is on the verge to complete the target of 400 Million i.e ten-folds in the hovering future.
Exclusive Services Offered
Kenstar Web Solution offers trials to the customers and gives money back guarantee, so that, if they are not contented with the services. That seldom happens as  Kenstar keeps its promise of client satisfaction at any cost.
The packages offered by the Kenstar are super affordable and within the range of every  customer. Besides they also make customized offers on client’s demand to ensure that requirements are fulfilled as customer satisfaction can’t be compromised.
The magnum opus of the Kenstar is the three Lifeline Offer for the provision of turbulence-free 24*7 internet service along with the insurance and safeguard of security and hack-proof system of network. 
On-going Projects 
Multi-peering exchanges like Extreme Infocom, Mumbai Exchange, NIXI etc are the top priority. Kenstar is tying up with multiple exchange in order to ensure that the customers receive the best speed and experience quality services.  Triple Play is something that is soon going to be introduced in their network.
Bringing Transformation

  • Robust Fiber Optic

Kenstar is working hard to put the network in Ring Route. Beside the fiber network, company has a failover technology that puts the Wireless network ‘ON’ if both the fiber routes fail. That means, the customer will never loose connection to its main network. The company is also connecting the un-connected people i.e. taking internet to those where there is presently no broadband services. It is doing this by laying multiple towers and provide high speed broadband through 5.8 GHz Wireless Radio frequency. This will enable the rural population to enjoy faster internet services in same cost that is already being served to the urban population.

  • Hack Resistance

Cheap equipment make the information more vulnerable to intruders, So, Kenstar Web solution has up-rooted the problem from the base by bringing  the finest routers, switches and wireless devices, making it near-impossible for the hackers to meddle with the personal data of clienteles.

  • Automation

Every customer is provided with self-help panel where they can renew, recharge, check the speed of their internet and change plans without any help from the customer support. Beside this, the company has WhatsApp messenger help desk to resolve the customer issues quickly. Customers are reminded about the expiry of plans and any new services that are being introduced  through SMS.

  • Security Ensured

Dr. Javeed is very much conscious about the safety of the earnest customer personal information, so, his top-most priority is the assurance of the security by installing the best equipment. Other ISP’s do not focus on this aspect as much as Kenstar does.

  • Transparency

Unlike local ISP providers, which faked the promises and got miserably failed to provide the customers with what promised, Kenstar Web Solution offers crystal clear plans and provides the pledged packages without any in-transparency. Local ISP’s implant cheap and unhandy Chinese switches which can  prove problematic in future for the customers.
For the surety, Kenstar Web solution offers money back guarantee to its customers which fades all the qualms about being mock.
A Way Forward
Dr. Javeed is working unstoppably and ceaselessly and just planning to flourish this business furthermore. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is going to be the new venture of Kenstar Web Solution. The plan shall include a telephone along with the internet service. Also, the team is planning to expand their service to PAN India.
Javeed’s Word of Wisdom
For entrepreneurs looking forward to come into industry, I recommend them to opt for VNO licenses instead of proper ISP license. This will reduce initial investment cost and will avoid the AGR filing to DoT which is mandatory to be done. VNOs do not require to file AGR and its license fee is much lesser than that of the ISP license. New comers who plan to enter this field should ensure that the main priority in this sector is Customer Service. You have to keep your customers happy with constant connectivity. We have had seen hundreds of customers vanishing from well-known internet service providers, thus indicating customer’s dissatisfaction to their services. Hence, it is vital to understand that customers are king. They have multiple options to go for in this industry and therefore your brand should provide and fulfill their need.

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