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It is witnessed that 3D printing has reached an inflection point as lower costs and technological advancement has put it within reach of more people. It allows for a more agile design process and rapid product iterations. As Exelus 3D Printing long recognized the disruptive potential of 3D printing, they intended to help the customer supply chain stay ahead of the curve and make sure the best ways to add value to them.
Peculiar 3D Printing Services
Exelus 3D is in operation of this magnificently growing 3d printing market in India since early 2016 in Pune and now also have set its footprints in other global market like Canada, Cairo and Germany.
Exelus offers its services for architects, engineers, product developers, medical, etc. They aim to accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing technologies within Indian manufacturing sector and increasing domestic manufacturing competitiveness.
Whether it’s accelerating design validation or the on-demand production of lightweight manufacturing tools, Exelus’ ensures their customers are given the right tools to optimize the use of additive manufacturing.
How Exelus Outshine Other Competitors
For modern product development, speed is vital.  One of Exelus’ goals is to push the limits off time and complexity for their customers to help them iterate faster. Their engineering, design and manufacturing teams, all under one roof, is working with customers every day to recommend which technologies work best for their designs and often that means a hybridization of tools.
Exelus engage in solving most complex customer projects with speed and also hybridization of processes so looking not only at 3D printing but also how that coexists with traditional manufacturing. Specifically with this service, they’ve changed their internal processes and structures so that they can react very quickly when customers send them files, get them to the production floor, on the machine and off the machine and into customers hands very quickly.
Brainchild Behind Exelus  
Mustafa Noble, Founder of Exelus 3D completed his education in business management from Pune university. He knew about 3D printing technology for a long time. He attended 3d printing expo in 2014 in London where he was amazed seeing the technology and the models create live in three dimentional. Having no engineering and technical background, Mustafa pursued and successfully completed CAD designing courses with certificate of Photoshop, Maya, 3dsmax, AutoCAD. He has also learned 3d printing software and hardware from attending conferences and visiting few expos in India and abroad keeping track of all the new technology related to Additive manufacturing. He is currently also working as a Project Manager for Nobles Group Real Estate firm in Pune.
With Mustafa’s father teachings, strive to be at the paramount by pushing your limits off and thinking out of the box, has always inspired and motivated him to work harder.
A Unified Effort Towards Perfection
There are a lot of amazing companies and people in 3D printing market in India giving their all to the 3d printing community. What Exelus believe is that management of the team must be ambitious to drive the company to where the market goes. Managing teams is not easy when you need to go fast; very often these teams will have two different speeds. As a CEO, if you lose touch with the clients or with the team, either you slow down (not an option in a fast-growing market) or it’s time for you to pack & go. Mustafa tried to identify a position in an already fast-growing and ambitious company. Dedicated, bright and well-prepared team ready to do whatever takes to reach the company goals makes everyone grow together.
Exelus emphasize on adaption trends according to the market outlook. From the questions, they are receiving from their clients and all movements seen in the industry, they try to comprehend that there is an acceleration in the transition into digital additive manufacturing.
It’s All About How Witful a Leader is
Staying on top of industry trends through reading, attending conferences and joining trade associations is essential to ensure that the direction and vision for the company is on course. This is especially important in the constantly evolving technology industry where Exelus believe they need to determine which changes will have long-term impact and which are merely fads with little real value. One of which, Musafa believe is, open and honest communication. Problems pop-up faster when teams are not open and honest, especially with diverse teams where there are a lot of differences of opinion. As a leader you need to create a culture that rewards and promotes honesty, even if you disagree with something. It is also important to be bold especially if you are an entrepreneur and you want to impact the country and change the world. That takes guts and courage.
Trends Encrusting the 3D Printing Industry                                
As 3D printing technology patents have expired over the last couple years, many new technologies and companies have emerged, and as a result, competition is rising. Year 2017 proved to be a buyer’s market in the 3D printing industry, and the trend is expected to continue in 2018. Prices of equipment and supplies continue to drop. Firms that elect to outsource 3D design or printing can expect lower prices and better quality as well. Increased competition, technological advances and industry trends all point to greater manufacturing options and quality at reduced cost. As is the trend with many services requiring substantial initial capital investment, commercial 3D printing outsourcing is growing rapidly as companies discover that outsourcing 3D printing makes more sense financially than investing in their own 3D printing capabilities.
Companies now understand that outsourcing prototyping services to a professional makes more sense than carrying heavy, expensive inventory in-house. Additive manufacturing’s fastest-growing application is in the printing or layering of specialized parts and final products. About 28% of the money spent on the technology is for final products, according to Wohlers. The research firm predicts this number will rise to over 50% by 2018 and more than 80% by 2020.
Future of 3D Printing
Mass customization and personalization of consumer goods becomes a reality with 3D printed toys, shoes, cosmetics and even food products like chocolates and meats that have print at home options. Newly build 3D concrete printing transforms architecture, with the possibility of 3D printed concrete structure and buildings. As more and more people get access to 3D printing and show interest for the newish technology, it won’t be long until every home will have a 3D printer to print almost everything they will need, at any time of the day. One more important factor is that manufacturers of 3D printers have seen that there is an increasing demand for consumer-oriented 3D printers and are developing and launching new models that are focusing on serving consumerism.
The fervent competition between 3D printer manufacturers will only be of benefit for consumers. In their quest to gain more and more customers, manufacturers will set the price for these devices at a more affordable level. In today’s always-on world, customer trends are changing at dizzying speeds. This means that organisations have to work doubly hard just to keep up with the changes, let alone stay ahead of them. New advancements in technology and higher customer expectations have placed pressure on organisations to be innovative and leading, or else be overtaken by competitors. This year is set to be yet another one of technological change and most importantly new introduced  materials to give customers best fit for there parts, with a strong focus on additive manufacturing and service providers. The insights gained from more streamlined operations and more effective data capturing will help Exelus 3d to better plan and forecast for the future.

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