3D Printing Technology- The Rise of New Innovations and Computerized Manufacturing Techniques

Developments in “additive” manufacturing, or 3D-printing, spur a second industrial revolution. Falling prices for 3D printers, coupled with growing expertise and new applications, increase the demand for and availability of this technology. 3D printing allows design verification to be an iterative process, where designers identify and address design challenges throughout the design process to spur innovations or quickly identify the need for design revision. 3D printing can produce almost everything from human stem cells to a car, and is at its most popular in the industry’s 29–year history. It has grown by 35.2 percent in 2014 and is expected to become a $20.2 billion global industry by the end of the decade.

Insights Success Magazine, we have introduced The 10 Most Admired 3D Printing Solution Providers, in order to assist businesses to choose their right 3D Printing Solution Providers. Assessing the scenario in versatile perceptions our magazine has brought into light the companies, who have flaunted some excellent 3D Printing Projects. This examined list will lessen the search of enterprises to have perfect 3D printing service provider.
In this issue, we have specially featured Exelus 3D Printing Service as CEO of the Month. They are quite known for offering 3D Printing Services in Automotive Industry, Commercial Products, Medical Industry, Education Industry and Architecture Industry. Click Here to learn more about the Best 3D Printing services

Apart from this, we have chosen 3Deometry Innovations LLP due to its never ending mission to be the global leader in developing and delivering in rapid prototyping services and manufacturing of high quality 3D printing machines; Astha Packaging Pvt.Ltd for offering a comprehensive range of services from preliminary design concepts to the final stage of print production to delivery. Garuda3D is a printer manufacturing company providing high-quality 3D printing services to its customers; iKix 3D Prints Private Limited which can communicate much more information than a flat screen image or a paper printout. The 3D prints details every aspect of the project with precision; IndiBio as a leading Indian distributor for 3D Bio Fabrication Systems and is the trusted source for the best 3D Bioprinters from across the world.

We have also encompassed, Novabeans, 3Dwalla, Chizel, Triobotics Automation Solution Private Limited.
Our in-house editors have come up with some adroitly written articles such as Is your IT ready for the digital age.

Also, we have included articles of The Changing Paradigm of Enterprise Mobility in India, written by Kunal Kislay, Founder and CEO of Integration Wizards Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

So, flip through our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of 3D Printing.

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