Exioms Technology Helps Businesses Reduce Initial Coin Offer Launch from Months to Hours with New Platform

Mrityunjaya Prajapati & Dileep Seinberg - Insights Success

PUNE, India (May 3, 2018) – Launching and initial coin offer (ICO) can take several weeks, if not months. From registering a product to generating buzz and finally launching, it can be a tedious process. Exioms Technology, an emerging technology and business innovation company, announces the launch of its “Blockchain Ready Business” platform. The platform will help clients develop Ethereum-based tokens within hours.
“Businesses are quickly adopting Blockchain as a way to streamline the online payment process and manage transaction transparency,” said Dileep Seinberg, Exioms founder and CEO. “Our business is at the cutting-edge of this technology. We are helping start-ups, enterprises and SMEs integrate Blockchain into their daily business practices to help them operate efficiently and grow their business.”
How Does It Work?
In preparation for an ICO, Exioms partners with businesses to offer them a one-stop development and marketing service that not only expedites the launching process, but also creates a clean and professional online presentation. What once took weeks has been simplified down to 180 minutes. The company is working towards making it a 90-minute process.
In addition to expediting the ICO launching experience, Exioms is partnering with enterprise clients worldwide to help them use Blockchain to become more familiar with their customers. Moving beyond cryptocurrency and finance, Exioms is helping everyone from small businesses to enterprises prepare for the future of business.
About Exioms Technology
Founded by Mrityunjaya Prajapati & Dileep Seinberg in January 2017, from enterprise to startups entrepreneurs, Exioms Technology, a top 10 Blockchain provider in Asia, is advancing and accelerating business by building Blockchain, IoT, Payments and other Enterprise grade solutions through best of minds. To learn more about the company visit its Exioms Global Website (www.exioms.com) and Exioms Blockchain (www.exioms.co.uk).
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